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Alright, it’s time to do some winter camping, But before we get out in the field I wantto show you some of the gear I,ll be putting on Clothing. I am not just going to concentrate just onthe hammock and the sleeping bag And on the sleeping pad because the clothes you wear really affects your outcomes of how warm you will stay.

winter hammock camping

So I am going to start from the feet and work my way up to the top. Starting on my feet I will be wearing a pair of regular old socks. I don’t want to go to sleep with wet feet so I want a different pair of sock for sleeping. That dry pair of socks that I will be wearing is going to be these guys. I don’t know the name brand of these socks. but these things are awesome. They are really, really fluffy. See the material in there. Underpants, obviously I will be wearing aregular pair of underwear but on top of that I have these thermals. These thermals are really, really thin. They are made by a company called 32 Heat. 32 Heat you can find at Costcos. The set is going to be these pants and this shirt. On top of that I will be wearing your general all purpose hunting pants. These are winter weight. Winter weight are thicker than summer weight. As you’ve seen so far everything that I havedone is layer, layers, layers And that’s basically how you are going tostay warm. The other mid layer that I have is this thermalshirt from mossy oak.

winter camping

Awesome, all this stuff is pretty cheap. We are not talking about anything super expensive. Now we get into the things that can be considered a little more expensive which are your jackets. You need 2 layers. One to trap the heat and another to block the wind from stealing that heat from you. This jacket, I got it from Costcos. It is the name brand 32 Heat. This is 32 Heat and my thermal pants. This actually does really well. This is the alternative I chose to gettinga North Face goose down jacket. This is the same materials. Goose down on the inside. North Face Jackets are about $100. I paid $20 for this bad boy. This is a packable down jacket. The next layer I want is a layer that willprevent the wind from coming through this jacket And taking the heat away. That’s when a good rain jacket. This is a Gortex Marmot jacket. This is a little more expensive. I got this from Eastern Mountain Sports. So here is my system. This is my wind protection system and rainprotection. Then I have the inside layer to, keep the heat inside my body. Head gear goes by the same principals as therest of the gear. Layers, layers, layers. So we have 2 layers. One layer to keep the heat and one layer to block the wind. There, Boom! The hammock that I have chosen is this hammock. It’s Equip, it’s a two person travel hammock. It’s rated for 400 lbs. obviously I am not 400 lbs. I first started off using a one person hammock. The reason I went to a 2 person hammock is that it’s much wider And allows you to sleep diagonally which will give you a much straighter lay. It’s simple. Strap it around the tree. Put one side through the loop. So what happens here is when I am applyingpressure to the hammock I pull down and this here just gets tighter around the tree. This seems a little high right now, all the way up here towards my chest. But when I get in the hammock, hammocks can sometimes be tricky to get into.


I want to pull this down towards my butt And then slowly ease my butt onto it, slowly putting weight down. You can see how it sags. It’s not up to my chest level any more. There we go. So what this is, this is Mylar and insideis a layer I don’t know if you can see that There is a tiny layer of bubble wrap up in there So it’s Mylar on open side and Mylar on theother side with bubble wrap in the center. You can see inside. This insulation material is down With a 2 person hammock you see how wide this is? All that extra hammock I can use to wrap around myself at night and cocoon myself inside. This is not a fancy sleeping bag, it’s not a heavy duty winter bag Swiss Sport. I think this is a 45 degree bag, maybe 30degree. Huh, it’s not working with me. So there it is. This is the mummy sleeping bag inside the hammock. This is an emergency sleeping bag. And it is a Mylar bag. I never opened it up so we are going to openit up and see how big this thing is. I think I am probably going to hold of onthis until later because It doesn’t seem like I can zip it open and zip it up over top of me. So I am going to wait until I am actually in the hammock, in the sleeping bag And then just slide this over my feet. That will be ready for later. I got these tarps at Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight has deals a lot of time. They have coupons and they say you come into the store and you get a free tarp No purchase neccesary. Which is what this was. I didn’t have to buy anything. But the tarps are 5 ft by 7 ft which is small. I ended up getting 2 tarps. I got one free. I taped them together, boom, there I havea 10 by 7 ft tarp. So that should be adequate enough. We are going to combine that with these emergency blankets. We are going to tape these to the underside of the tarp. That will help keep us warm.


If I do a fire here it will reflect the heat back to me from the underside of the tarp. I’ve attached the Mylar to the underside ofthe tarp using packaging tape. Next I’m going to use these lightweight steaks to tie the corners in the back down. We are going to do a canopy where it’s longerin the back and shorter in the front. That way if I have a fire here it will reflectthe heat back down on me. Tada! There’s my shelter! You see how I can cover myself with this? If you want to be comfortable, this is how I get comfy at night. This is one of those neck pillows,. Inflatable so I can pack it up really small. Has this nice warm… lining on it. This is what I will be using as pillow. It’s 5:07 and should be getting dark herein the next half an hour or so. I am going to go gather some fire wood. There is a nice pile of fire wood over here. So I’m going to go ahead and gather some of that. This machete is pretty awesome. It’s not too big. This is the Machete Jr by Gerber. Pretty sharp, clean cut. There we go, ther’s our fire. Don’t want to over do it. Don’t want to turn off the flame. So you start with small and work your wayup. I’m the fire king… (singing) You see what I have on? I just have on the thermals, just the thermals And no jacket right now and I’m pretty warm. You can do it. Survive out in the wilderness. In the cold! It’s not that cold. I want you to say hello to my little friend. My little friend, he’s called Mr Rrrrock. Mr Rrrrock, I brought him from over yonder. Your need something to sit on you don’t wantto sit on the ground because your ass is going to get wet. So you need a Mr. Rock or a chair or something Or a big log You see how this log over there the edge is burn And this over here the edge is burning. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted the surrounding edges of these biglogs to be burning and burning and burning. And that will keep the flame, keep the heat going. This here is my camping fork and knife. It’s pretty awesome. You can take this… flip it open here, flipit open there Boom, viola! Fork, spoon, and a knife if I need one. I got plenty of knives but this is nice forkand knife set. I am going to use this to eat my spaghettisand meat balls. Oooo, spaghettis and meat balls. That’s my final setup. I got a big ol piece of log and put it on top. You see how thick it is, that should burn of at least 4, 5.. I don’t know 6, 7 hours. I made it through the night. It did get down to about 23 degree. It was really cold but it seems like the whole set up work except for one peice of equipment. And that peice of equipment is, the emergency sleeping bag. It keep the heat in but what happened is that all the condensation from my breath And my body, I guess we let off some moisture. It all gathered on the inside of this sleepingbag, of this emergency sleeping bag. The outside lining of this mummy bag was all wet. I don’t know if you can see that but thereare water drops all on the inside of here. Bunch of water drops right there look. Al that is moisture and so this whole thinggot full of moisture. That’s something you don’t want to be. You don’t want to be wet and cold. So that is a FAIL for the emergency sleepingbag. I could probably repurpose it for something. Maybe cut it open and use it as a liner. Awesome little pillow. This thing worked tremendously well. Check out the water, this I see my water container. Ice… ice, ice baby. The it back to the 90’s. So that does it for my winter hammock camping.

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