How to Sleep in A Hammock Properly – The Ultimate Guide

  • How to Sleep In a Hammock Properly?
  • How to Sleep In a Hammock Properly?
  • Is there any proper way to get sleep in a hammock?
  • How to prevent falling from a hammock while sleeping?

If you ask this question to new hammock campers, they look at you with raise eyebrows and question you it is a question? Whether you believe it or not, especially if this is your first time camping and if you are trying to get the hammock to sleep for the first time, you will need to read my article and follow my advice on How to sleep In a Hammock Properly.

Method of How to Sleep In a Hammock Properly

Now hammock camping becomes more accessible for adventurous people. Presently in camping, it becomes a trend to carry hammock because it is small, lightweight, less expensive, and durable. Moreover, as long as you use it properly, it will provide you comfort and convenience as well as reliability.

If you sleep correctly in a hammock, it not only offers comfort but also provides health benefits. You can use the hammock to relax or to sit in indoor or outdoor, for any reason. You just set your hammock correctly and have to learn how to place your body to get maximum comforts and benefits from it. Here in the article, I discussed in detail on how to sleep in a Hammock Properly. Let’s go through it:

Select The Best Hammock

Unless you choose an excellent high-quality hammock, you won’t get the maximum health benefits or comfort. So to ensure the satisfaction of the hammock, you must first buy a good quality hammock. There are various types of hammocks currently available in the market. There are also a variety of cheap hammocks available for purchase, but they are not all designed to provide maximum comfort for comfort and sleep.  So to get the maximum health benefits and ease during camping, there are a few things to consider when buying a harness –


When purchasing a hammock, definitely try buying one made of nylon or cotton because it will keep you cool as you breathe. Best of all, buy hammocks made of parachute nylon because this hammock is the most comfortable to hold for a long time. Since hammocks made of rope or slats cause burns and discomfort, the use of them should be avoided.


The fabric you choose for your hammock must be soft, smooth, and comfortable. Otherwise, you will not feel very comfortable while camping and it is not suitable for your skin.

Height and weight

Depending on your needs, height, and weight, you can find a small, medium, or even larger size hammock. An 8 feet long Hammock with width is best for sleep comfortably in it. Depending on your preferences and needs, you also have to choose between single and double hammock.


If you buy a hammock made of solid, sustainable materials, you can spend years with it. An excellent hammock not only guarantees sleep but also a need for a proper hammock structure.

Built-in pillows

While camping to give you the best comfort, Built-in pillows are available on the market nowadays. These kinds of hammocks are a bit expensive, but it is worth the expense for the support you get.

Double or Single Hammock

Double or Single Hammock It depends on which one you prefer. While camping, if you want to sleep alone in a hammock, you will need a single hammock. And if you plan to sleep with more than one person, it will best to choose a double hammock to have enough space. Even when sleeping alone, double hammock can be used for comfort.

Hang the Hammock Loosely

If the place of sleep is not comfortable, then there is nothing quite as irritating. Most of us hang the hammock tightly in the middle of two trees or poles and think that this is the best strategy for a pretty flat sleep. This is not true. When you stretch and tighten the hammock, it will lean more towards your body. The extra fabric will be waving on your face and keep your shoulder pinched and cramped throughout the night. But a solid hammock is just as uncomfortable as a loose hanging hammock.

So to sleep in a hammock properly, the best way to hang the hammock slightly loose with straps between trees at least 12 to 15 feet away to achieve the most comfortable and natural position. However, keep in mind that the hammock has a curved shape. This shape will allow you the most comfort to the hammock.

Hang a Hammock In Right Angle

how to sleep in a hammock properly

While hanging the hammock, some things need to be checked. The hammock must hang at least 12 to 15 feet apart in 2 tree space. The trees or poles must be strong so that they do not wither or swing due to wind or weather. Use the hammock rope and wide webbing or bungee cord to secure the hammock.

Also, the angle of the hammock should be as 30-45 degrees. This makes to hang the hammock properly. Also, check the deep curve of the hammock. The deep curve of the hammock should not be too tightly suspended and not too loose. It creates uncomfortable conditions. Try hanging the hammock at least 12 to 18 inches deep from the ground. For the most comfortable position, try lying diagonally.

Sit in the Middle of the Hammock

When you get up on the hammock, always try to sit in the middle of the hammock because by this, your weight is evenly distributed in the center. And As a result, the balance is protected. Then, in the hammock, slide your legs and upper body.

Lie Diagonally

Generally, most people lie in the hammock in parallel. As a result, what happens is that the cloth gathers around you, making it almost impossible to find a comfortable rest or sleeping position, and not enough space to turn an inch. You will feel frustrated and overwhelmed. So lying in parallel is a mistake. 

So instead of lying in parallel to hammock, try to lie diagonally. It is the best way to sleep in a hammock properly. This will create enough space that will give you comfort, and the edges of the fabric will not enter you. By lying diagonally, your weight spreads well into the hammock and also protects you from sinking deeper into the hammock. This position also not allows you to fall from hammock without losing balance.

Cross Your Feet

Another tip to get comfortable in a hammock is to cross your feet when you lie diagonally. Keeping your feet crossed, you do not have to sleep in a banana position, which is not comfortable either. This will give you the hammock plenty of space as well as ease.

Remove Back Pain and Ensure Comfort

By lying on the hammock, some people feel back pain.  So to avoid this situation and to get support, you can use a pillow or a rolled-up blanket under your knees. If you do not have a pillow or a blanket tries to cross your feet. While you sleep in this way, it will ensure your back is well supported. You can also slide the pillow under the head to support the head and neck.


You need to add some accessories to your hammock before the hammock can sleep properly. If your hammock does not have a built-in pillow, you must add one for maximum comfort. Treat your hammock as a bed and add small pillows and blankets for warmth. A pillow will help to keep the head and neck in the proper place at bedtime, and rugs will guarantee maximum comfort on a cold night. 

Wrap Yourself

The last tip to sleep in a Hammock Properly is wrapping up. As camping is done in deep forests, the weather at night tends to be very cool. Before you go to sleep, keep Wrap yourself. To stay warm all night, use a blanket. Plus, most hammocks now bring extra fabric to wrap around and stay warm at night. Otherwise, there is also a sleeping bag and a pad. If the weather is too cold at night, you can leave a sleeping bag on top of the hammock to stay extra warm. By keeping yourself covered, you not only can prevent winter but also can protect the skin from mosquitoes, flies, or string hammocks from wounds.

Some additional on Sleep in a Hammock Properly:

  • Don’t forget to use a trap when hanging your hammock. It will protect you from rain or bad weather.
  • Since camping shoes are tightly worn, put your shoes on the ground to relax sleep in a hammock.
  • Immerse yourself in a mommy style sleeping bag with extra heavy clothing.
  • Instead of wearing shoes on a hammock, wearing a pair of extra socks to keep the feet warm and comfortable.

The Benefits of Sleeping on a Hammock

If you are enjoying your sleep in a Hammock Properly, then it will be your luck. Because it is not only a camping friend, it will also provide you several health benefits and comfort. The Benefits of Sleeping on a Hammock are-

Help Your Aching Back

If your old bed is the reason behind your back, you can use the hammock as an alternative for several nights. A well-designed hand-woven hammock is designed in such a way that it can carry all the weight and shape of your body evenly. This cannot be found in traditional beds. As a result, your back pain is significantly reduced.

Fall asleep faster

While sleeping in a hammock, your body can get a perfect and comfortable sleeping position. So it helps you fall asleep faster. Moreover, the swing will push you to a comfortable, relaxed position. If you often find yourself frustrated or dizzy and having insomnia, then hammock will be the perfect solution for you.

Enjoy a deeper sleep

Hammock not only helps you to get quicker asleep but also ensures a much deeper sleep. Deep sleep reduces anxiety, improves focus, and helps to increase memory. Deep sleep improves your mood and also enhanced work performance.

There are some best but cheap sleeping hammock for camping.

A Cure for Insomnia

Insomnia is an annoying problem that affects your work, social life, relationships, mood, and family life. If you have these sleep problems, your doctor will recommend you to change your sleep habits. In that case, sleep in a hammock will be the best solution for you. Sleeping in a hammock with all the peaceful sounds of nature not only cures you but also relieves you from ponderous thoughts.

Zero-pressure point rest

A hammock is best for zero-pressure points. Hammocks are spread all over your body in a smudged manner, thus providing no pressure at any given point. Which we are usually forced to adapt to the hard surface. So the hammer maintains the body’s balance by providing you with equal pressure everywhere in the body and ensures a sound and quick sleep.  

Swaying helps your brain

Swaying motion of a hammock is good for our brain waves. Waving effects and strengthens your brain’s waves and helps to rest and fall asleep faster. That’s why when we swing our kids back and forth, they fall asleep very quickly.

Ensure Better Health

The hammock helps you to fall asleep quickly. As a result, your body regains its strength, improves immunity, and the tissues and muscles also repair by themselves. Moreover, if those who have back pain or joint pain if they sleep in a hammock regularly, they not only get better health and better life but also getting rid of these problems.

Comfort and Relaxation

A hammock is a perfect solution to relieve stress and give you unlimited happiness. In the hammock, you can let go of all your worries and cares, and by listing the sound of birds or the sound of flitting trees, you can sleep in a Hammock Properly. For this, you need a perfect size hammock and hanging it in proper angle and the right style.

Why Is Sleeping in a Hammock Exciting and Even More Useful Than Sleeping in a Tent?

Sleeping in a Hammock is More Exciting and Even More Useful than Sleeping in a Tent because of this reason:

  • Carrying a ham is much more comfortable and convenient for camping because the hammock usually weighs 2 to 4 pounds.
  • Overall the experience of installing and disassembling the hammock is enjoyable and convenient.
  • The tent usually sleeps around rocks and other insects or animals. But the hammock does not have to handle this kind of trouble.
  • Since the hammock has to hang, so there is a lot of excellent ventilation and a general sleep environment.
  • The most significant advantage of a hammock is that it can be installed anywhere, rather than in tents. It also allows you to get closer to mountains, lakes, or rivers.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sleeping in Hammocks Bad for Your Back?

If you properly sleep in your hammock, you don’t feel any back pain. If a robust and supportive hammock is hung correctly, then it will be the best option for smooth relaxation. If you hung a Flimsy and smaller hammock, it would cause lower back pain. So avoid it at any cost.

How to Sleep In a Hammock Properly?

To sleep in a Hammock Properly, you have to lie diagonally. By lying diagonally, your weight spreads well into the hammock and also protects you from sinking deeper into the hammock. This position also not allows you to fall from hammock without losing balance.

Do you need a pillow in a hammock?

If your hammock does not have a built-in pillow, you must add one for maximum comfort. Treat your hammock as a bed and add small pillows for comfort. A pillow will also help to keep the head and neck in the proper place at bedtime.

Is Sleeping in Hammocks Bad?

No, it is not bad at all. Hammocks help us to fall asleep quickly and encourage us a deeper and more fulfilling rest, just like rocking a baby to sleep.

How tight should hammocks be?

The hammock must hang at least 12 to 15 feet apart in 2 tree space. The trees or poles must be strong so that they do not wither or swing due to wind or weather. Also, the angle of the hammock should be as 30-45 degrees. This makes to hang the hammock properly.

How can we keep warm sleeping in a hammock in cold weather?

In cold weather before going to sleep, keep Wrap yourself. To stay warm all night, use a blanket. Now, most hammocks bring extra fabric such as under quilt or overbuilt, use these to wrap around and keep warm at night.

Can I Sleep In A Hammock Every Night?

Yes, you can comfortably sleep in a Hammock Every Night. For insomnia and sleeping, dis-order, Hammock sleeping is one of the best cures. Moreover, it also improves your brain and health. To sleep in a Hammock Properly is also healthier for you.

Can you sleep on your stomach in a hammock?

Sleeping the hammock is a little different. Even if you are a belly sleeper, it is quite uncomfortable for you to sleep in a hammock on the stomach. As the stomach sleeping is linked to lower back pain, if you sleep on a hammock on your stomach in the morning, you will wake up with lower back pain. 

How far should a hammock be off the ground?

Whether you hang a hammock between two trees or stand or posts must pre-measure the chosen spot. It should be from 13 to 17 feet apart.

What is the Reason Why Some People Hurt Their Back?

As they do not know the proper way to sleep in a hammock, so they feel pain in Their Back. In a hammock, the best way to sleep is to lie on U-shape. If you sleep in a banana position, you feel back pain in the morning.

How much weight can hammock hold?

Usually, Hammocks comes with different weight capacities. So it can hold a minimum of 1 heavy adult. But before buying a hammock must check the “product description.”

Final Thoughts

I think now you have gathered all the information about How to sleep in a Hammock Properly. If you are a traveler and want to fall asleep to enjoy the beauty of nature under the open sky, then hammock is the best option for you. Sleeping hammocks is not just for watching the night sky stars or for having fun on the beach during the day. It also provides excellent benefits for our health.

By sleeping on a hammock, you can recover your back pain, reduce excessive pressure, improves your brain function, and more. It’s a bed that helps keep your body healthy while giving you adventure. As a hammock camper, you must learn these tips and tricks on to sleep in a Hammock Properly. So do you want to enjoy your camping experience and make this memorable? Then, first, you have to select a soft material hammock, tie it loosely, and then sleep diagonally. And enjoy your camping trip

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