How To Hang Your Hammock – Step by Step Guide 2020

Are you looking for an idea where and how to hang your hammock this summer? or you want love to see the stars in the night and this time you want to watch them lying on a hammock. Even you can fix a hammock in your home to fix a place to chill.

Hammock is an outdoor thing and the most commonly we see them hanging between two trees. Here in this article, I will show you how to hang your hammock both indoor and outdoor. Then you can find a more creative place and creative idea to hang your hammock.

Always remember some primary equipment is essential to hang the hammock after choosing a favorable spot. Every Hammock is designed to hang, it’s you who will decide where and how you will do it for your convenience and choice.

How To Hang Your Hammock With Rope

Are you wondering, how to hang your hammock with rope? Do you think it is a difficult thing to do? let me tell you honestly that hanging hammock with rope is pretty complex but not difficult. If you can learn it once, you will remember it forever.

In many ways, you can hang your hammock with rope. If you have been talking about it with a lot of people you can easily become confused, because there are a lot of ways to knot the hammock’s rope.

hang your hammock with rope

Leave your confusion and all the worries. I am here for helping you. I will try my best to make you understand the easiest possible way of hanging a hammock with only rope. let’s learn and hang your hammock effortlessly.

Different ways of hammock hanging:

I am going to give you an idea of three different ways of hanging the hammock. After reading them, choose any of them.

1.  Swing Style With No Spread Bar

By this swing style of hammock, you will be able to tilt and rock your hammock back and forth. You will have two anchor points to hang your hammock. You can more concise two points on your wall, two trees or even anywhere you want. I think step by step will be an easier way to learn this style, so I am explaining it in that way-

  • To make a bend with the rope turn the rope itself.
  • Make a 90 degrees curve is created loop
  • Drag out the loop from the back of the rope. 
  • Here you got a new hole. To make it even tighter stretch the loop.
  • See you got a free end of the rope, fold it around the tree or any other anchor you choose. After folding around the tree or anchor come back to the knot.
  • Push the end beneath and turn back. There you will get a knot having a free end. In the same direction wrap, the rope around the anchor or tree.
  • You may need to then repeat the whole process two or more times to get it fit.
  • Finally, there will be an eyehole because of looping the rope around it. Push the end to the eyehole.
  • The looped knot for a hole within. Put the anchor of your hammock.
  • So you got another three ends in your hand. Repeat the whole process for the rest of the ends. There you get your swing style hammock but here you got no spread bar.

2.  Pivot Style having the Spread Bar

This hanging style is different than the swing style. Here only an anchor point you will need. Get the spread bar and make a knot with the two ending points. Next, the bar got two ending points, tie the rest of two ropes to the points. Now you have to make a knot with the center anchor by twisting the rope to center anchor. This way you will be able to rotate your hammock chair to 360 degrees. To relax on the hammock you can quietly drift it. 

So let’s learn this procedure of hanging hammock-

  • At first around the spread bar fit the hammock’s looped end as I described in the swing style above.
  • Do it again with the other ends of the hammock and the spread bar.
  • Take a longer rope. Remember the size of the rope will determine the distance between the spread bars and the ceiling. The two ends of the spread bar with the anchor of the ceiling will make 45 degrees angle. Instead of one long rope, you can use two different rope.
  • Now you have to create an eyehole in the left end of your spread bar.
  • Press another end to the anchor of the ceiling.
  • Bend the angel in the anchor in 360 degrees.
  • Keep doing the process a few times more.
  • after repeating the process four to five times, get the last end of the rope from another side.
  • Finally, make an eyehole of this end of the rope and wrap it at the right end of your spread bar.
  • This way you can hang your hammock under any ceiling.

These days, it is not hard to find hanging a friendly hammock. Rope kit, knotted rope is also you can get ready-made. So if you are ready to spend a little more you can hang your hammock effortlessly.

How To Hang Your Hammock With Trees

Are you wondering how to hang your hammock with trees? Let me make it clear for you.

It is quite easy to hang hammocks from trees. All you need to remember that you will have to hang it anywhere higher enough so that you don’t touch the ground after getting into it.

To hang your hammock from a tree always try to find a tree that is stronger rooted. Distance between trees is also a great fact. The distance should be long enough for your hammock.

So all you have to do is find strongly rooted trees so that they can hold your weight. The trees should be in proper distance. Your ropes must be tied off about sixty-five inches above the ground. It can also depend on the user of the hammock.

While hanging the hammock from any tree try to find a tree that has a branch or knot. It will help you to grip rope onto it. Otherwise, your hammock may get slide down.

When you hang hammock from trees there is a huge chance that the tree can get damaged. Expert suggests that we should hang our hammock without damaging trees. The method of hanging a hammock without damaging trees I am giving bellow.

How To Hang Your Hammock Without Damaging a Tree

As I told you earlier in this article that hanging hammock is not a hard thing to do. Just learn the technics it will be as easy as pie. It is a wise idea not to hurt the tree while hanging your hammock.

how to hang your hammock

A hammock will always need something to hold on. hanging hammock from trees is a classic and awesome idea. Especially when you are camping, or climbing mountains, or even if you want to chill on the hammock in your backyard it will give you immense pleasure.

You can hang your hammock in a hundred ways. Most of the ways are effective. You have to consider which one is better for you according to the atmosphere. To make your work a little easier I am giving you three technics to let you know how to hang your hammock without damaging a tree.

The three key techniques for hanging a hammock from trees

  • Choose a place where you have enough space and height for hanging your hammock
  • Prefer the most comfortable location
  • Select the right hanging method according to your surroundings

Now I am going to give you some idea on how to hang your hammock without damaging a tree.

Step one: Look for Healthy Trees

Most hammock experts suggest that 13-16 feet distance from tunk to tunk is recommended. Anyway, by adjusting straps more distance can be covered if you got more distance from trunk to trunk. Always choose trees that look healthy and big so that it can take the load of you along with the hammock.

Step two: Figure out the distance from the trunk to trunk

After selecting the right trees for hanging your hammock, determine the gap between the trees. The gap should adjust the hammock after installing it. The clever solution for determining the gap is to put down the hammock with its strap between the trees and figure out if the distance match.

Step three: choose the right method for hanging your hammock

Here I am giving you three options to make you understand how to hang your hammock without damaging a tree.

Option one: use tree-hugging belts or strap

These days the hammock kits that are available in the market include different tree-friendly hardware. It includes flat straps that are made with fabric. This kind of strap is specially designed to take the weight of the people. 

Option two: Durable metal hooks

Many types of metal hooks like eye bolt or eye screws are available in the market they are durable and made of stainless steel. For using this kind of eye hook in your tree the ideal size will be a 4” eye bolt. This little hook is unlikely to damage trees. Do this method for permanent placement of your hammock on a tree, like in your backyard.

By drilling a small hole, like ⅛”  diameter, you can use a required carabiner to lift the load for assembling the hammock. 

Option Three: Use padded rope

This is the safest method I guess. If you don’t have the flat straps for hooking your hammock anywhere you can always use a padded rope. This way the trees will be protected.

How To Hang Your Hammock without trees

So are you thinking that trees are the only option to hang a hammock on? This is not the case. There are a lot of ways to hang your hammock. Let me show you how to hang your hammock without trees.

You can use posts and poles to hang your hammock. Porch support or telephone pole can be a hammock stand for you. Just make sure that the posts are strong enough so that they will not shut down after you get on the hammock. You can get plenty of hammock posts in national or state parks, just look for them if you are trying to chill in that area.

Hammock stands can be another clever idea for hanging hammock if you don’t want to hang your hammock in a tree. Or if there is a suitable tree for hanging hammocks you can go for hammock stands. There are a variety of hammock stands are available including from backpacking stands to more permanent ones to use in the home. Always think and look for what is suitable for you. The hammock stand is the easiest way to hang a hammock without any error.

How To Hang Your Hammock on a balcony

Hammocks are not only outdoors. You can easily keep one in your home especially in your balcony. Let me tell you how to hang your hammock on a balcony.

Don’t get down by thinking that you have a small balcony so you can’t keep a hammock over there. There are many variations of the hammock are available, you can always choose one whichever is appropriate for you. Like if you balcony too small to fix a hammock you can choose a hammock chair as well.

Things that you need to have for hanging a hammock in your balcony-

  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 Eyebolts

Start with drilling two holes on the beam or in the ceiling.

Get your eyebolt and insert it in the hole.

Now you take a hammock strap or a carabiner or just simply a rope to tie both the corner of the hammock.

You have to make sure that the holes stay at the parallel level. The distance between those two holes should not less than ten fits.

Some balconies got the beam in it. If your balcony got the beam in it you can just wrap the ropes tightly around the beam and then attach the rope to each corner of the hammock.

If you don’t have a beam in your balcony just skip it.

I am guessing that you have one beam in your balcony because it is more common. So what you can do it, just use one beam to wrap the rope of your hammock of one side. Use eye bolt for another corner of your hammock.

All the mentioned approaches you should follow after taking the right measurement. If you cannot do the measurement in the right way all your work will not have any fruit. All your time will be wasted. 

So if you are planning to buy hammocks for your balconies you definitely can buy it. It will help you to relax after a hectic day of work. Just before you buy a hammock for your balcony make sure

  • The size of your balcony
  • Choose the right type of hammock that goes with the place
  • Make sure that you got all the tools you need to hang the hammock in your balcony. 

How To Hang Your Hammock on a beach

Are you planning to go to the beach to bake in the sun? A beach hammock will give you immense happiness in your time around the beach. So are you wondering how to hang your hammock on a beach? Here I will give you some simple solutions to aids your curiosity.

Setting up a hammock on the sandy beach

Beach is the perfect place for slinging a hammock. There is a lot of wood made beach cabana that is there on the beach with hooks installed. Or even you can find hammock posts which are placed in the perfect distance apart on the beach.

If you don’t like the arrangement of the distance of the posts or the cabana on the beach you can have some extra hammock straps to enable extra flexibility.

Again if you don’t want to give more effort and want the best possible outcome you can take a hammock stand with you.

In this post, you will learn about hammocking in the rain.

 Setting up the hammock on the palm trees​

  • Some beaches got a lot of palm trees. You can hang your hammock to those palm trees. It is not at all difficult to hang the hammock on the palm trees. It’s better to use eye bolts to hang your hammock in the palm tree than to use only ropes.
  • Select and measure trees. You should find two trees that are away from each other more than one foot in comparison with the length of your hammock. About 5” above the ground drill holes in the trees. Put eyebolt in the hole and screw them to attach to the chain. Fix the chain to your hammock. There you go. You are ready to enjoy the breeze of the beach
  • The planned tree is a heavenly choice to hang the hammocks. The tree gives plenty of shades and very durable.

Setting up a hammock in any other normal trees on the beach

You may not find favorable palm trees on the beach to hang your hammock but there can be some other trees on which you can hang your hammock easily.

  • Just make sure not to select any week tree so goes for the week or young tree. Don’t go for trees that got an extra amount of saps like rubber plant tree.
  • Use a tree strap that is tree protective to hang your hammock to the tree.
  • Always got a rope around the branches of tree or trunk first. Now put the onion looping end of the rope in the loop in the opposite direction. Make it tighten.
  • The rope should not be wrapped around the tree below on your shoulder height. It will help you from sagging at any time.

Always try to get to know the right lawyer for the beach. There are times when trees can be privately or publicly owned. Make sure that you do not violate any law anywhere.

How To Hang a Hammock in your room/bedroom

Normally a hammock is an outdoor thing but people can keep it indoors too.

If you want you can hang a hammock indoors. I will let you know now how to hang a hammock in your room/bedroom. There are many hammocks now with a built-in mosquito net.

Things you need to have to hang a hammock in your room

  • Stud finder
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Two of eye bolt screws (about 3/8inch)

The first thing you have to do is, you have to find studs on the walls of your room. You can easily to that with a stud finder.

After getting studs from the stud finder mark the spot with the pencil. Make sure the spot is 78 inches above from the floor.

Drill hole on each mark on the wall. You should be able to see the stud after drilling. The hole will be ¼” on the mark on the wall.

Put the screwdriver into the eyebolt (into the eye) to use it as a lever for turning a ⅜” eyebolt screw. Into every pilot hole drive the lag screw.

Put about two feet of rope to the eyebolt. Pick and loop the short end of the hammock rope to wrap it around the long end of the rope. Insert the shorter end to the eyebolt on the top.

Thread the short part of the rope through the loops you created by once you wrapped the rope around itself, and pull it taut to end creating the knot. Tie the last of the hammock ropes within the same process for ending for hanging your hammock.

Thing to Remember

Always follow the user manual before installing the hammock.

Don’t keep your hammock in direct sunlight for so long. Do not keep it in the extreme cold too. This will make your hammock faster to deteriorate.

Before you get up to the hammock, sit down on it gently. Gradually lie on one side. Take your legs in to adjust to a comfortable position.

To Conclude

In this article, I tried my best to give you an idea so that you don’t have any confusion in your mind about how to hang your hammock. Hope you like it. Enjoy and chill with hammock.

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