How to Fold a Hammock – All You Need to Know About

So, you are here to find the exact way how to fold a hammock, right? Okay, you will find your answer in this article.

Every one of us will celebrate the New Year with some new additional items that can make the party environment even more enjoyable and relaxing. It’s the new trendy item of furniture you can say, that has captured our mind in so many ways.

So, enough of beating around the bush anymore, the thing that we are talking about is none other but the popular hammock. 

Yes, the hammock has been a great addition to our occasional and regular life. Most of us know the use of it. But to prolong the life of a hammock, do we know that different types of beds require different type’s maintenance.

how to fold a hammock

The crucial part is you should know How to Fold a Hammock so that you can store it properly. Here, I will give you the essential tips you need to know for folding your hammock.

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The Background Of Hammocks

The original inventor of the hammock is still unknown. It thought that hammock came out as a substitution of bed, which made out of need. The English word hammock derived in 1700, from various European countries. This item was introduced in Europe by Famous Christopher Columbus.

With time, hammock spread worldwide. Different regions or countries made different styles of hammock. The modification and utilizing most out of bed are progressing.

Use of Hammocks

Now, if you go to the shop or want to buy online, you will be amazed by the variety of hammocks. If you are clueless about this particular furniture, then you have come to the right place. Because not only we will talk about different types of hammock, their styles, their material.

You can use this beautiful item, indoor as well as out-door. Also, we will teach you how to fold a hammock. You may already have a hammock or about to get one as all this information is just as important for you to know so that you don’t end up being clueless after buying this wonderful item. Additionally, this piece of beautiful hammock furniture comes with several health benefits too. Such as

  • It helps you sleep better
  • If you suffer from insomnia, a hammock is a must for you.
  • Sleeping in hammock tends to literally spread relax to every part of your body.
  • Lack of sleep causes Immune system destruction, with a hammock you will be able to beat that.
  • It provides zero pressure point, as we usually get pressure from sleeping in our hard or medium hard bed. Also, it allows better blood circulation in the full body.
  • Pregnant woman finds it difficult to sleep during their pregnancy period, a hammock relives the pain. But you have to choose the right one for this purpose.
  • Brain functions better and because of a deep sleep, you get full energy and manage to relieve your stress.
  • Last but not least, after all, it’s a good investment for a proper party (indoor or outdoor), camping, spending quality time with family at your home, or by the sea beach or even by the poolside.

Various Hammock and Their Storage

  • Rope Hammock

The first image that pop-up in your mind when you hear about rope hammock is from the movie, specifically “Robinson Crusoe.” The most traditional form of the hammock is the rope hammock. Normally this hammock is made of cotton or polyester. It comes with spreader bars that separate the two sides, can be easy to hang between trees or posts.

The cotton hammock is well known for its comfort, while the polyester one is more durable. Cotton hammock tends to be stretch and adjust according to the body. But the drawback of this bed is it absorbs the moisture. The weather makes it prone to mildew and bacterial growth if there is a lack of maintenance.

red rope hammock hanging

Compare to the cotton one, and the polyester hammock is sturdier, can withstand high humidity levels, salt air, and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, they are less likely to affect by mildew or bacterial infestations or molds.

Hence this type of hammock tends to last longer than the other one. Although the polyester ropes are less stretchy, it doesn’t make the hammock less comfortable. The ropes are woven by wool material, which makes it create a large space. So adult supervision is recommended while a child using the rope hammock.

 Storage and Folding:

It doesn’t matter if the rope hammock is made of cotton or polyester before storage makes sure the hammock is completely dry. Make sure to bring two end side to the middle and roll it and put it in a breathable bag. Some rope hammocks come with bags, so you can also tuck it in the same way.

But to avoid tangle, makes sure to tie the strands > tuck each side strand by making a fold on each part > then fold the bundle in half on an inwards way. Finally, it will look like a folded cover. Place it in the bag. Store in a damp-free, pest-free place. Also, keep an eye so that it doesn’t get direct sunlight.

  • Quilted Hammocks

This hammock is similar to rope hammock. It differs by the features of two layers of fabric with some sort of polyester filling material between them. This makes the quilted hammock more comfortable. It also comes with a wooden spreader bar as Rope hammock.

The specialty of this bed is the design. It has a pattern on one side and solid on the other side. It gives you the vibe of having two different hammocks at the same time for a price of one.

This hammock is ideal for a cool environment. The system of hung the hammock is the same as rope hammock. As this item comes with no gape or holes in it, this makes the hammock perfect for family use with children.

Folding and Storage:

Just as rope hammock, take each end one at a time and tie the strands. First, make a twofold on each side. Finally, bring one side to the other part. Fold it like a normal cover, but as the quilted hammock is stuffed with an extra layer, it’ll tend to be as bubbles are in the bag.

Slowly and gently press the material and place it in a bag. Make sure the hammock is dry, and the cover is also dry. Keep in a cool and dry place.

  • Mayan Hammocks

This hammock usually makes on a loom. Men, women, and children often made this hammock by hand-weaving — the Mayan hammock made from either cotton or nylon string that weaves to form a supportive net. The Mayan hammocks are well known for its comfortable nature than other beds.

Another best part of this hammock is its lightweight but able to withstand a large amount of weight. This hammock doesn’t come with spreader bars, which makes it accessible who likes outdoor activity, camping, hiking, or spending time in nature. The strings are dominant, but if not careful enough, they can be damaged easily by the zippers or buttons, by hurting the weave of these hammocks.

Mayan hammock made of the cotton tends to be soft and easily adjustable to a body’s shape. As it made of natural cotton fiber, this enables outdoor use. It can last longer by the use of hammock sock. The nylon made hammocks are more durable, keeping long-lasting bright colors.

  • Nicaraguan Hammocks

These hammocks are woven by soft cotton cords, using a double–weave technique. This hammock gives an aesthetic sensation by offering comfort and beauty at the same time. Just like Mayan hammock, the Nicaraguan hammocks typically without spreader bars.

The weave is the same as the Mayan hammock, but it’s a bit tighter, makes it durable against buttons and zippers. Less chance to snag or tear. These hammocks are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. But if left outside for a long period of time, it may shorten the lifespan of this hammock.

fold hammock

Folding and Storage:

 Hammocks that comes with no spreader bars can fold in the same way:

  1. First, lay the hammock on a clean dirt free ground. Take each part one at a time and twist the strands so that they are together while folding.
  1. Drag each loop gently to the center of the hammock. Move the loop away from the center in the same motion. Stop at the first fold. By now, the hammock should be half the size.
  1. Next, make a scissor-like fold on both ends, then fold a few inches of the long sides. This will cover and protect the strings. Fold the hammock back in the middle. Again fold the bundle in half and finally close it with separate string knots. Store in the same way mentioned above.


It doesn’t matter If your hammock comes with a spreader bar or not, depending on the type, now you know how to fold a hammock easily. So if you buy a hammock without an instruction manual, you don’t have to worry about the storage process.

We hope these tips will help you keep your hammock in good condition for a long period and lets you enjoy its benefits in your own space.

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