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So, are you searching on how to choose a camping hammock for successful camping? You’re at the right place.

Nowadays, like an outdoor experience hammock camping has become more popular for us mostly adventurous people. In these beautiful and colorful sceneries, hanging in the middle of the tree is now becoming much more common sight. For some people, a camping hammock is the ultimate comfort zone. And for some to fall asleep watching the night stars under the open sky, the beginning of a new chapter in life.

But to get this experience you need to know how to choose a camping hammock. It is an exciting moment for us. Without facing any trouble, you can quickly put it into your backpack. Although it has a definite shape, when you hang it, it will become a state of comfort for you.

Now here in this article, I discuss in detail about camping hammock buying guideline. If you want to know how to buy a hammock, I think this hammock buying tips will be helpful for you.

Camping Hammocks: What is it?

I am sure all of you must see a hammock at someone’s yard or beach. Maybe they spent their family time together or they enjoying their barbecue party. And you think you know all about the hammock. But trust me, you are going to make the same mistake as I did. This old yard hammocks are just tailoring & fun made a hammock. They are not for camping. Camping hammocks are different, and those are made especially for camping purposes with camping features.

Usually, The hammock is a shelter tied tightly with the opposite side two trees or strong points by using Rope or  Webbing straps or Stand, and it hangs at least 3-4 feet above the ground. A camping hammock is built from high-quality materials also designed to stand up and mainly use for camping.

Camping hammock able to protect you from both cold weather and rain. Because they come with under quilts and they are also waterproof. And above all, it gives you comfort and relaxation above in the uneven ground. You can also use Camping hammock in the summer because they have detachable mosquito nets.

With the absence of extra poles, this Camping hammock is lightweight and easy to carry. Usually, they offer extra gear which is selling bags, extra padding, ropes, etc. That makes camper camping quickly.

Why Are You Buying A Camping Hammock?

Before going to buy a best and right Camping hammock for yourself first, you have to answer these questions-

  • Why Are You Buying Camping Hammock?
  • What are your purposes for to buy a Camping hammock?
  • Where, when, and how you want to use it?

When you find the answer to these questions, then you can easily find the right Camping hammock in no time. But if you’re not quite sure about these questions to answer, then don’t worry. I will give you the most common purpose to buy a hammock. Read this and consider your reasons for buying the best hammock-

  • Camping trips
  • Backpacking, hiking, or trekking
  • Tours to the beach        
  • Relaxing in the backyard or by the pool
  • As a permanent outdoor shelter
  • Relaxing in indoors       
  • Substitution of bed

When you are deciding your purpose, then you’re ready to buy the right camping hammock.

Types of Camping Hammocks

There are various types of Hammocks, but it is all categorized under these four types. They are as follows:

Rope/Spreader Bar Hammocks

Spreader Bar Hammocks are mainly made by cotton or polyester ropes which enable you to lie on a tree hammock in a flat position. Polyester fabric will give you the most comfort that cotton fabric. Moreover, polyester is durable and temperature resistant. But it is not suitable for camping or backpack travel because it is more substantial and less extensible.

Parachute Nylon Hammocks

Since this hammock is made of nylon material, it is durable and water-resistant. As these hammocks are stretched, it will help you to sleep comfortably. You can use this hammock both in camping and outdoor and they are available in both sizes single and double. Rather than others hammocks this most preferable and affordable for campers.

Ultralight Hammocks

As the name suggests, this hammock is made with very light material. The fabric is light this hammock is easily portable and also perfect for camping, backpacking trips, and hiking adventure.

Expedition Hammocks

These hammocks are made by various types of features which gives you extremely comfortable while camping. Since a particular kind of fabric causes it, so this hammock will provide campers ultimate protection during any adventure. This hammock comes with numerous additional accessories to prevent you against adverse weather and mosquitoes and also gives maximum comfort and stability. This hammock is your perfect friend if you are adventurous. 

Comfort in Hammock Camping

how to choose a camping hammock

As you know that the hammock camp is quite an adventure. One should not expect support here like home. And one should not expect relaxation from hanging in the tree in the middle of nature. But hammock camping is much more comfortable and rankable than camping in the ground, and you can stick to it. Nowadays the design, elements, and quality of hammock camping are much more qualified which helps you to achieve most comfort in camping.

Accurate Camping Hammock Buying Guide

Many people think that buying a camping hammock is a no-brainer, but here are some things you must have to note. How difficult it is to buy a proper camping hammock is beyond the perception of a camper. When choosing a hammock, there is some factor that you must consider. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you which one to choose.

Now there are various brands in the market, and they are selling different types of Camping Hammock. Now the questions are how to buy a hammock?  Because among multiple brands, it is challenging and tricky to choose and buy Camping Hammock as your desire. But don’t worry here I am for you to give the right Camping Hammock Buying Guide. By considering these things, you can easily to choose a hammock.


Without considering the size a camping hammock, you will not be able to buy. There are mainly two sizes of Camping hammocks in the market, such as Single size or double size; this is the crucial factor in obtaining a hammock.

  • Single hammocks are for one person, and usually, the width of it is four to five feet. Compared to a double hammock a single hammock is lighter, easily portable and convenient to put up. Though one person mainly uses a Single hammock if you have smaller kids, they can also fit into it, but it might be a bit snug.
  • Double hammocks are more extensive than single hammocks and made for two people. Usually, the width of it is six to eight feet, and this hammock can easily fit a person up to about 500lbs. This hammock provides more space for sleeping and sometimes, they’ll have separate compartments as well. Most people want to know to buy a double size, not just to be with a friend, but also to be a little comfortable.

However, the size of Camping hammocks you must buy as per your needs and choose accordingly.


Both these types of hammocks there is no much difference in length. Usually, the range is nine to eleven feet. You have to buy that hammock which is at least 2ft longer than your height. For extra comfort, choose a hammock that lets you laid both horizontally and diagonally.


Another essential thing to consider buying a hammock is weight. Usually, the consideration of the weight limit is between 150 to 500 pounds. Before purchasing a camping hammock, Campers must consider these weight limits.

Material and Quality

This is another camping hammock buying tips. Durability and performance of a hammock depend on its content. If your hammock is made of cotton, surely it gives you comfort and provides you with an attractive, breathable design. But these types of hammock are usually heavier and less portable and not suitable for camping. They are best for indoor camping and sunny weather.

Materials like nylon and polyester fabrics are best for outdoor camping and also in different seasons. They are soft, lightweight, breathable and long-lasting and also repel water, dry fast, and rarely wrinkle. As they are lightweight and less bulky, they are portable and easy to transport.

Weather Protection

In Hazardous weather, camping hammocks protect you in many ways. Such as If your camping hammocks have a rainfly, they will provide you shade and protection from rain and sunlight. However, you should choose the Similon fabric rainfly because it is made of excellent waterproof material and also light and portable.

Suspension Systems

In order to choose a camping hammock, Campers must consider Suspension Systems. Usually, most used Hammock Suspension Systems methods are three types: Rope, Webbing straps and Stand. Mostly these come with the hammock. But if not, then you have to buy them separately.

  • Rope: It is the original suspension method. As this Rope suspension is light, cheap, and portable, so this is mostly used by all hammock campers. Rope suspension works by attaching a hammock to a long rope around a tree by looping or attaching it to a carabiner. But this system is very harmful to a tree by barking them.
  • Webbing: Webbing suspension works by strapping around a tree by looping and then binding the free end to the webbing loops and then joining another open period to the hammock with a knot or a carabiner. Moreover, webbing doesn’t harm the tree by barking them.
  • Stands: when there are no trees, Hammock stands are used. By using this suspension, you can hang your hammock. This hammock stand will be a good idea if you are going camping in national parks, where using trees for a hammock is forbade, or an area with little greenery. But is anyone wants to lodge into the jungle or hills it will be very inappropriate?

These methods are used for attaching trees or other objects. While these methods are ideal but it is harmful to trees. Because it is barking the tress over time as the specially-designed tree straps spread the weight to other areas, so it eliminates this problem. Sometimes synthetic and nylon ropes are stretchy, which is terrible because it causes the hammock to fall lower than what the camper intended.

Hammock Accessories

Whether you use a Hammock for your comfort in your backyard or camping, you must need its handy and necessary accessories. Such as-

  • Bug mesh: These are designed at 360-degree protection to protect you from bugs, mosquitoes, and insects while you are hanging and cover your hammock 100%. With some hammock it is installed but if not then nothing to worry about. You can easily buy one and set it up on your hammock shaft.
  • Rainfly: To protect from rain in camping this rain traps have to hang above the hammock and to keep a taut pitch have to use guy lines. More extensive models will save you from storms and big rainstorms.
  • Tree Straps: this tree Straps another essential accessory in Camping Hammock Buying Guide. These are used for correctly hung your camping hammocks 99% of the time. You need to attach these straps to the end of the hammock strap so that you can strap it around the tree. You have to buy at least 0.75 inch wide straps then it will not harm the bark of the tree.
  • Carabiners: The carabiners usually have installed in hammocks but don’t worry if you buy extras. Because carabiners are the most reliable material to attach the ends of your hammock to a strap or rope.
  • Sleeping pad: This is not a necessary item in a hammock, but if you have this, it will provide extra comfort and insulation. These sleeping pads prevent the hammock from tilting or slipping when it is hooked.
  • Under quilt: If you are camping in winter season an under quilt Can keep you warm in cold temperature.
  • Top Quilt: If you are camping in the wilderness, then a Top Quilt will be a better alternative for giving you additional warmth.
  • Guy lines and Stakes: Guy liens are often considered when it comes to hammock camping and hiking. The hammock tarps are challenging to set up with a guy line, so other shelters do not come to the guy line. You can combine a guy line with camping stakes. If you camp on the windmill, you can then use the stakes to prevent the swing of your hammock.

If you are champing in summer months, you must want a hammock with a breathable design, removable under the quilt and also a mosquito net. But those who are camping in colder months they want a hammock which has a zipper and even waterproof with a thick under quilt and sleeping pads for added insulation.

Most of all, the camping time will determine the type of Accessories you need on your hammock. When you go to buy your hammock, pay particular attention to these accessories. Mostly these come with the hammock. But if not, then you have to buy them separately.


Compared to conventional tents, camping hammocks are very affordable. It depends on the hammock’s features and weight capacity. There are different price range hammocks available in the market. The high-end hammocks offer the most comfort and protection against weather elements. But if you have budget restrictions, try to compromise the safety of hammock with cheap brands.  But don’t be afraid to pay a little extra for a quality product.

Hammock Ridgeline Length

Whether you are camping in the mountains or the forest, Hammock Ridgeline Length should be taken into consideration. Ridgeline is the distance you need to adjust your hammock to hang between two trees. If your hammock is in its curve position to make the right ridgeline measurement, you have to read the guideline of camping hammocks. If the length of the ridgeline is shorter than the length of the hammock, the hanging will be useful.

How to hang a camping hammock?

Now you know about the camping hammock buying guideline. But now I’m going to tell you how to hang a camping hammock. Ok, let’s start-

  • You need to hang your hammock at a certain distance between two trees. Also, take into consideration the length of rope or webbing of both sides.
  • Usually, 12-15 feet is the ideal distance between trees.
  • Preferably, the thickness of a tree should be equal to a full-bodied human thigh because the stronger the tree, the more secure it is for you.
  • Keep the rope of your hammock 3-4 feet away from the ground.

Camping Hammock Tips

After choosing the best Camping Hammock, now it’s time to set it up. The quick tips for hammock camping:

  • For hammock Camping straps Polyester is an excellent material and its 1.5 inches ample. This strap not only prevents your hammock but also prevents the tree from barking.
  • Thirty degrees angle is the best angle that gives you best nestle and comfort. Do not tie the rope too hard, and it will apply extra pressure on the tree. As a result, your Camping Hammock is shakier.
  • If the temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t have to worry. Currently, a hammock is so good that even in the coldest of days, the hammock will keep you warm. By using a sleeping pad or under-quilt, you can easily stay warm in Hammock Camping.
  • Whether you are tall or short, you have to search for a long hammock. Because a long hammock gives you extra comfort in your relax time. So when you are buying a camping hammock, you have to buy at least two feel long hammock.
  • When you are camping with tents, you require a minimum apace with a smooth surface and without rocks. But while camping with hammocks all you need are two trees within close distance and shaded area.

Experience and safeness in Hammock Camping

If you try to Hammock Camping for the first time, it is natural to ask this question.

  • How safe is Hammock Camping?
  • How was Hammock Camping Experience?

Well, it’s ok.

Rather than camping intent it is so much safe is Hammock Camping. If you are camping in a tent, you have to sleep on the uneven ground, rocks, tree roots, mud and to share your sleeping space with someone. And you also have to worry about bugs, insects, and snake. But when you are Camping in a hammock, you don’t have to worry about these. Hammock camping allows you to sleep in the open and fresh air and also make your connection with the beautiful breeze of nature.

As long you set up your Hammock Camping according to the manual guide, you are in a safe place. As long as you buy sturdy and of good quality hammock for camping then you don’t have to worry about safety. Moreover, with this manual guide, the process of setting up camp is pretty straightforward, and you can set up your hammock easily in less than 5 minutes.

Final Thoughts

For adventure people, hammock camping is the best that will give you the ultimate comfort. It is not only lightweight and compact but also easy to set it up. Moreover, you can use it as a bed and seat anywhere as per your needs. All you need are two wooden stands so that you can hang your hammer and start your clam, comfort and peacefulness journey. Generally, camping hammocks are the best place to do wilderness in adventure and also Affordable and comfortable.

So finally you can see that when you are thinking about how to choose a camping hammock, there are just a few things to consider. If you consider my hammock buying tips as I have discussed above in the article, you can very quickly do camping hammock anywhere. And it will be truly comfortable and useful in your every next adventure. So now you have to buy a camping hammock smartly, and when you start using it, you will get results. The last step is to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy nature by hammock camping.

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