How to hang a hammock with straps

Hammocks are great for relaxing outdoors and in this article I’ll show you how to hang a hammock with a bug net so you can have a betterexperience!

I’m using the Araer Double Hammock which include pair of hammock straps and a large zip up bug net. These are loop style straps just like the Eagles Nest Outfitter straps and fully adjustable. Using the end with only one loop, wrap one of the straps around a tree about 5 feet from the ground and feed the other end of the strap through the loop. Pull the strap through until it’s tight aroundthe tree. Now do the same with the other strap on anearby tree. If you’re only hanging the hammock, it’s prettymuch ready to be attached right now. But I still have the bug net so now I take the cord from the net and tie it to a branch about 2 to 3 feet higher than the height of the straps. The bug net cord is strung across to the other tree and tied to an upper branch as well. There’s going to be a bit of play in the cord but it can be tightened later if needed. Now unfold the bug net and lay it on the ground. Along the top of the net, there are several hooks that I’ll attach first. These simply slide on to the cord I just tied up. With the net off the ground, feed one of thehammock’s carabiners through the net and out one of the ends. Now take one of the hammock straps and clickthe carabiner through one of the loops. Now I can feed the end of the hammock through the main opening of the net and take the carabiner through the other end of the net. Then attach the carabiner to a loop on the other hammock strap. For my hammock, I have the lowest point hanging about 3 feet off the ground. You can go higher or lower by moving the carabinerto another loop. The last thing to do is cinch down the openings on the bug net on both ends. At this point the complete hammock and bugnet is fully set up! This happens to be a double hammock so two people can hang at the same time. And once the bug net is zipped up you can enjoy bug free relaxation out in the woods or as in my case in my own front yard! The Araer Double Hammock is a great deal because it comes with the bug net and hammock straps. It’s a complete package you can take with you on your next hike. I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and if you did share this article with your hammock lover friends.

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