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So, you’re here to know about Hammock Suspension System? Let’s vide in.

Nowadays, hammocks campaigning become more and more popular because it has modernized both indoor and outdoor tours. Now they can see all around whether it is a park, beach, campground, or the forest.

People love to enjoy the relaxation and comfort by swinging in a hammock within a beautiful, colorful, and loving nature. The hammock also eliminates to sleep on the ground because it hung on posts or trees that are close to each other.

Suppose you are swinging and resting peacefully on a hammock, but suddenly fell to the ground, do you know why? It’s because your hammock suspension system is not good. So it’s crucial to pick the best hammock suspension system to use.

They can provide you the necessary support to stay off the ground. Here are some basic ideas and hints that will help you to choose the type of hammock suspension system for your hammock.

What is a Hammock Suspension System?

The hammock suspension system is one that is used to keep your hammock hung and away from the ground. Different types of suspension systems can range from amazingly simple to surprisingly complex.

Some hammocks have suspension systems, but those that do not have to be purchased. Usually, there is no Best suspension system. The system that will work best for you in different situations is known as the best suspension system.

Hammock Suspension System

To hang hammock properly, Campers must consider Suspension Systems. Suspension systems are that which keep your hammock off the ground.

There are various types of Hammock Suspension System use to suspend your hammock. Mostly they come with the hammock. But if not, then you have to buy them separately.

hammock suspension systems white hanging hammock


It is the original suspension method. As this Rope suspension is light, cheap, and portable, so this is mostly used by all hammock campers. It’s a secure method and works well.

Rope suspension works by attaching a hammock to a long rope around a tree by looping or attaching it to a carabiner. It always uses for indoor hammock chair. Here’s a quick outline of how the rope suspension system is used:

  1. First folding the rope in half
  2. Then Pass the looped end around a tree
  3. Pull the loose ends through the loop
  4. Wrap and fold the loose ends around the tree
  5. Attach a carabiner
  6. Do the same on the second tree
  7. Then attach your hammock
  8. But this system is very harmful to the tree because it is barking the tree


As the Rope suspension doesn’t work so good for the tree, so as an outdoor hammock lover, you should use cord-based suspension systems. This means that the fastenings should smartly tie on the tree barks. And that is knots or webbing suspension systems.

Now, this is the most popular hammock suspension system for hammock camping lovers. They have done this in such a way that no trace is left on the tree after use, and it doesn’t harm the tree by barking them.

Webbing suspension works by strapping around a tree by looping and then binding the free end to the webbing loops and then joining another open period to the hammock with a knot or a carabiner.

Hammock Straps

In a webbings-based system, you can use hammock straps to set up your hammock, which is better than webbing. This is the most straightforward suspensions system to support the hammocks and also protect the bark of the tree from the weight of you and the hammock.

The hammock strap is small equipment but does the big job by keeping both ends of your hammock firmly in place. They come with different features. So when you choose hammock straps must consider these essential things:

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Length
  • Width
  • Weight strength
  • Size
  • Fit for use with trees


Sometimes knot barriers are a tough and challenging thing for campers, which is why most strap makers built a hardware-based suspension to make camping easier for you. This type of suspensions uses metallic suspension systems to joint.

Instead of tying a knot, you can also use hardware-based suspensions with webbings and in between the straps.

This hardware-based Hammock Suspension system is easier and quicker than others. Standard type suspensions include are- carabiners, whoopie-sling hooks, descender rings, figure 9s, toggles, and Dutch clips.


What do you do when you go camping in a place where there are no trees?

Don’t worry, here is the solution.

When there are no trees, you can use Hammock stands for hanging your hammock. By using this suspension system, you can easily hang your hammock. This hammock stand will be a good idea if you are going camping in national parks, where using trees for a hammock is forbade, or an area with little greenery or car camping or a visit to the lake.

But is anyone wants to lodge into the jungle or hills, it will be very inappropriate. Just remember, a hammock stand is that type of hammock suspension when weight and equipment size isn’t an issue to Portable.

Things to keep in mind With Hammock Suspension

  • Flat and tubular both types of webbing straps are available in the market. But flat webbing straps should be used because it tightens all knots without causing harm of tree. Whereas tubular straps directly bite the bark that damages the tree.
  • All these hammock suspension systems are used for attaching trees or other objects. While these methods are ideal but it is harmful to trees. Because it is barking the tress over time. But the specially-designed tree straps spread the weight to other areas, so it eliminates this problem.
  • When knitting a webbing or rope, always hang the strap/rope outside the knot and maintain at least six inches lose. This early warning system prevents you from accidentally falling from the hammock. Re-tighten the hammock when you notice that the loose end is getting shorter, and the knot is slipping backward.
  • Although the webbing suspension system is too light for the tree, it is not entirely harmless. Repeated use of the hammock suspension system on the same tree can cause damage to the tree over time. If you want to camp out at the same site for extended periods, try changing the plants you once used.
  • Sometimes synthetic and nylon ropes are stretchy, which is terrible because it causes the hammock to fall lower than what the camper intended. So carefully select rope suspension system to hang a hammock.
  • For hammock Camping straps, Polyester is an excellent material, and its 1.5 inches ample. This strap not only prevents your hammock but also stops the tree from barking.

You can read this article to know about washing your hammock properly.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Does the strap hurt the trees?  

Ans: Most straps are made with tree-friendly materials, and they are very gentle on the trees. They are usually one-inch width that helps prevent damaging the tree by putting less strain on them.

Q. How Carabiners use in Hammock Suspension System?

Ans: In hammocks, the carabiners usually have installed, but if not, then buy extras. Carabiners are the most reliable material to attach the ends of the hammock to a strap or rope to hang hammock properly.

Q. Why Webbing Is Better Than Rope?

Ans:  Webbing Is Better Than Rope because it doesn’t harm the tree by barking them. Now, this is the most popular hammock suspension system for hammock camping lovers.

Q.  How do you hang a hammock on webbing?

Ans: By following these steps, you can hang a hammock on webbing:   

  1. First, tie a circle at one end of your strap
  2. Then Pass the circled end around a tree
  3. Place the loose end over the loop
  4. Fasten a carabiner to the end
  5. Binding the flat strap around the tree
  6. Fold the carabiner end under one wrap
  7. Do the same on the second tree
  8. Then attach your hammock

Wrap Up

If you are a passionate hammock lover, then you must have known the term of the hammock suspension system. How costly or high-quality hammock you use, but without the decent hammock suspension system, it is useless. Because of this, your hammock not only hung sturdily but also it used to place your hammock in anchor point.

In a hammock, the essential parts of the hammock suspension system are to hold the hammock in place; without it, you can’t be able to relax in a hammock and grab some sleep fully. Moreover, it is lightweight, compact, and easy to set up.

They also give you support to keep you off the ground as well as hang your sleeping apparatus virtually anywhere.

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