Best Methods of Hammock Camping Without Trees

Have you ever thought of hammock camping without trees?  

I am sure most of you guy’s never thought of this. You may be surprised by hearing this. Don’t be surprised. Here I am going to share my experience with hammock camping without trees.

Yes, it is possible if you have a hammock with built-in stands (these are called free-standing hammock)

Traditionally, when you go for hammock camping, the first thing is needing to hang a hammock between two good trees to get support. But when it comes to relaxing at the beach or backyard or anywhere there is no sign of trees or trees are just too far apart, then what you will do? Then this does not mean that you don’t do your camping.

With a little creativity and without using tress, then this method of hammock camping without trees will give real fun and bring you out from Traditional hammock camping.

At present most of our environment is hammock-friendly zone. You have to find your favorite spot and make your hammock camping adventurous, more enjoyable, and memorable.

Methods of Hammock Camping Without Trees

Hammock Stands

In Hammock camping without trees, Hammock Stands is one of the best and familiar ways. If you do not find any suitable trees in the camping area, then the hammock stand will be your best solution.

If you have portable hammock stands, you can use these hammock stands anywhere, such as on the beach, in your backyard, or on backpacking trails where no trees are visible. The main benefit of using Hammock Stands are-

  • You can set up your hammock without any trees, and for this, you don’t even need special skills.
  • The hammock stand can be taken anyplace and anywhere.

Currently, different types of hammock stands can be found in the market. There are many types of free-standing hammock chairs also available on the market. Usually, these are made using durable metal, but now wooden hammock stands are also available.

Plus, a good thing about these stands is that they come in different designs, sizes, types, heights, and even weights, which you can set it up whenever and whichever you want. The hammock stand is an adventurous way to enjoy a relaxing evening or a night camping outside.

Must consider this top four features when choosing a hammock stand-

1. Light Weight and Portable

If your hammock can break into 4 or 5 number of pieces, you can carry it easily and also be fitted in the trunk of your car. If you want to ride with a hammock stand, it also has to be lightweight. Otherwise, buying a hammock stand will cause regret.

2. Sturdy Design with Flex

Of course, the hammock stand must have the ability to carry your weight. It should also have flexibility so that it doesn’t snap when you relax. Before camping hammock without trees Also check that the hammock stand is a secure structure for you.

3. Features with a Tarp or Rain Fly

Before buying hammock stand must consider its features with Tarp or Rain Fly. Otherwise, you have to consider buying Tarp or Rain Fly.  Because of camping, the priority is staying dry.

4. Consistency with the Hammock

Before purchasing a standard hammock stand, it must be ensured that it will work correctly in your hammock, or be consistent. Because not all positions will work with all hammocks. So if the hammock and the hammock stand are inconsistent, it is not possible Hammock camping without trees.

Use Solid Posts and Poles

blue hammock on the beach without trees

Buying hammock stands is expensive, so you can introduce creativity by creating hammock camping without trees with posts and poles. If you do not have trees around you during camping, you can set up your hammock with trekking poles or climbing poles. If you don’t even have these, you can also set up a hammock by using sturdy wooden poles in the wild.

When using poles to install a hammock, you need to dig deep holes so that the poles are firmly attached and make sure there is a standard distance between the poles. Then your poles are ready to support and endure your weight.

In some cases, you will also find telephone poles, fence posts, or porch posts where you can set up hammock camping without the tree. When choosing poles, the most important thing to consider that these poles are sturdy and robust enough to support and endure your weight.

Such as if you choose concrete fence posts or Porch Posts, then it serves the same purpose as trees.  But don’t forget to determine the height of the posts because it ensures to hold the hammock above the ground.

if you want to know about the hammock suspension system. Click here to know about this.

Car or Truck

Another best option for Hammock camping without trees is the car or truck option. Those who enjoy or plan for car camping is best for them. All you have to do is find a perfect spot with a great view and use your car or truck or any other vehicle to hang the hammock.

Also, confirm the weight limit, durability, and security of your car. Exceeding the limit can damage your vehicle. Besides your car or truck, here you also need another extra support to hang your hammock set.  

For example- If you have only one car, then you will also need a pole or tree to serve as the second extra support. Or if you have two pickup trucks or cars, then you can set up the hammock in between the two vehicles.

Don’t forget to identify the right spot on your car to hang the hammock. Otherwise, it may damage the car. For example, securing to the bed of your pickup truck is an ideal option. However, clipping to the rearview mirror won’t end well.


Besides stands, poles or posts, cars, or trees, you can also hang your outdoor hammock structures such as pavilions, rain shelters, or sides of a building and relax in. These types of buildings are available in public areas or state parks or national parks.

Those who love camping but can’t find any good trees then these buildings offer a place to hang the hammock without trees.

Here you need a building and a sturdy post to the opposite to set up your hammock. Or you can also hang your hammock between two buildings. They serve the same purpose as trees. However, here, you have to be careful when tying hammocks to the building. Because here you require sharp hooks to tie the cords; otherwise, it may cause accidents.

This Hammock camping without trees methods offers an enjoyable camping experience.

Hammock Structures

The last method for hammock camping without trees is hammock structures. This is another vital option for hanging the hammock. The right side of these hammock structures is that it allows you to share with other people without spreading too much.

These structures are famous and available in apartment buildings, state parks, colleges, public areas, and all over the place in cities.

Tips On: Hammock Camping With No Trees

Select the Best Spot

Before setting up your hammock first, you have to select a safe, understandable, enjoyable, and clean place. Otherwise, Falling and hitting on the rocky ground will end up with injuries.

Meet the Required Height

As a camper, you must know that hammock is a little bit stretchy. So you have to hang your hammock a height of about 2 feet, which ensures safeness when your weight will sag on the hammock.

Ensure the required distance

For hammock stretch, the standard range is around 10-15 feet. To ensure relax and safeness, you must keep this in mind and set the hammock simply and easily by selecting the best hammock stands or poles or buildings.  If you found a spot is too wide and open, use an extra rope or straps to support your hammock.

Select Your Favorite Hanging Method

Some campers prefer using ropes while others like to use hammock straps. Both are lightweight to carry and effective to hang the hammock adjustably. Straps and ropes are Low-tech and high-performance to hang-anywhere.

Final Word

Those who love camping with a hammock for them Hammock camping without trees is another exciting and memorable experience. Here you enjoy the freedom to camp anywhere, any place and at any time of the day or night. Here you hardly need trees to hang your hammock.

Whether you are camping or backpacking or just relaxing in your backyard or beach in a hammock, have to keep in mind the number of ways to hang the hammock. These will help you to avoid an accident.

This Hammock camping without trees methods breaks all the traditional way of hanging hammocks between trees. Here you don’t need trees to hang your hammock in your yard or beach. Here you only need two strong ends that will serve you the same as trees and ensure a fantastic camping experience.

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