Different Types Of Hammocks – Different Features and Materials

Hammocks are not just for relaxation. If you are a hammocks lover, you should know about different types of hammocks, features, styles, and different kinds of materials for varying use.

Few things are as consolatory in life as the simplicity of the Hammock. Whether on a lake, in your backyard, besides the beach, the Hammock gives a level relaxation few things can match. There is an added level that is together with customization with hammocks, which you may or may not feel.

For example, were you informed there are multiple types of hammocks? Forgiving you different levels of strength and comfort, there are different types of fabrics. Some are made of stand-alone, though others need some sort of support.

Selecting the correct Hammock is not so difficult. At first, you have to decide which Hammock is going to give you an excellent level of pleasure and comfort. Although learning about all of your options is a great way to be sure you’re getting accurately what you need.

Let’s know about Hammock

Let’s start off clearly: A hammock is a part of fabrics or netting which has been hanging between two points with rope, chain, or other durable materials. In current days, beds are a symbol of relaxation. Furthermore, it has been used for sleep in alliance with other things. In point of fact, their use may depend on which part of the world they are being used.

Creator of Hammock

It’s quite challenging to answer, but it is known that Hammock subsisted in America for a very long time. Christopher Columbus was the first Europeans who make a note of the Hammock. On his first visit to the continent, Columbus jot down about the native Americans carrying items to the boat for trade. He wrote in his notes that they came to the ship with hopes of exchanging their cotton, hamacas, or nets, which they used for sleep.

Different types of Hammocks

The British, by the time Hammocks, have become one of the popular new addition of furniture. The various types of hammocks can be used both indoor and outdoor. Also, the vibrant color gives visual pleasure. Let’s take a look at how many kinds of beds are available. 

Here are some types, styles, features and fabrics of hammocks are listed below:


  • Rope Hammocks
  • Camping hammocks
  • Quilted Hammocks
  • Poolside hammocks
  • Mayan Hammocks
  • Nicaraguan Hammocks
  • Brazilian Hammocks


  • Hammock with stand
  • Tree Hammocks
  • Swing Chairs
  • Portable folding hammocks
  • Hammocks with canopy
  • Teardrop Hammocks
different types of hammocks


  • Spreader Bars
  • Included Stand
  • Two-person hammock
  • Reversible hammock
  • Weatherproof


  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon

Rope Hammocks

Rope hammocks are obviously the first thing that will come to your mind when you are planning for a bed. It is so commonly used in pop culture, and you have obviously seen it in many popular television shows. Rope hammocks are the traditional Type of beds made by either polyester or cotton. Rope hammocks are popularly hung between trees. Most Rope hammocks come with a spreader bar. This makes the hammock easily to use. Polyester hammocks are more durable than cotton hammocks, generally, last longer. Also, they don’t have problems with mold and mildew due to its resistant property.

Most rope hammocks will come with the spread bar. The spread bar makes the beds so more comfortable to use. It will help to keep two sides separated so that you can get in and out from the hammock so quickly. Without the spread bars, you can’t be lying down properly.

Another popular hammock is Polyester hammock. This hammock is more popular than cotton rope hammocks. Both work very well, but the polyester variations have proven to be the most stable. They have no problem with mold because polyester is resistant to mols and mildew.  

Cotton rope hammocks are a bit more yieldable than polyester hammocks. The more yieldable cotton rope hammocks are not so much comfortable, so you can select whichever hammock will attract you the most.     

Camping Hammocks:

Camping hammocks are so standard as well due to its lot of utility. People can use camping hammocks so quickly and effectively to provide comfortable sleeping and relaxing options. This type of bed is very light and easy to carry. The portability option is definitely a big selling point. The camping hammocks are very strong due to that you will not face any trouble in setting it in your car. You can carry it with you without it being a fardel because it is very light. The hammock is very easy to set up too, you just need two trees to fix it. There are also individual camping hammocks that come with a built-in stand, so you should consider which bed is going to work out best for you.     

Quilted Hammocks

The quilted hammock is probably the second most common type of bed behind rope hammocks. Most people prefer quilted beds as they provide significant comfort while also being aesthetically pleasing. Quilted hammocks are reversible, giving it even more appeal from a visual perspective. The reversed side of the quilted bed comes with a pattern, and the usual team has a solid color. The quilted hammocks have proven to be very popular for both comfort and overall relaxed look.

People who live in soothing environments have really taken a luster to these quilted hammocks. They work nicely in colder weather. They provide a significant amount of comfort. These Type of hammocks will come with wooden spread bars to keep the bed open and handle it easily. Some of them come withstand, but they are popularly used by being traditionally hung between two trees.   

Mayan Hammocks

If you like shiny colors, then you will like colored Mayan hammocks. Mayan hammocks come with different bright colors. The most critical part of these hammocks is bright colors, and this gives them an excellent visual appeal. They have become incredibly eminent among people who want their beds to not only be functional but to also be fantastic. Some people planned to put Mayan hammock inside to their home due to take pleasure 

These hammocks are coming with exquisite craft. They are very lightweight with incredibly stable despite being so light. If you want a light bed that is light but can able to carrying a more substantial amount of weight, than Mayan hammock is the best option for you. They are so famous for being able to hold weight very well. They have no spread bars despite this they are still reasonably easy to use.         

Two different types of materials are used to make Mayan hammocks so stylish. These are cotton and nylon. Cotton is basically seen as being softer and comfortable for the two. Nylon is much more stable and is resistant to mildewing. 

If you want to buy one of these, you will need to be careful about its protection. The design of Mayan hammock can be damaged by zippers and buttons on your clothing. They can get stuck in the sow and cause damage when you move around. You could buy thicker string hammock for better durability.    

Nicaraguan Hammocks

These hammocks are another popular option that is separate from other hammock types in a few ways. These hammocks are looped using exceptionally gentle cotton cords. It has a tangled double-weaving technique that makes these hammocks very comfortable. They are perfect and gorgeous to give you the joy to take a nice nap in. 

The knit that is used in the design of these hammocks is a little bit similar to the Mayan hammock. But it is a little bit different. Mayan and Nicaraguan hammocks are famous for the same reasons. 

If you planned to buy a Nicaraguan hammock, then you should avoid keeping it outside at all times. The material isn’t as well-suited to being outside permanently unless you use some protective cover. To protect it from harm, you can use hammock sock. Some like to set it inside to enjoy a sweet swing sleep.      

Brazilian Hammocks

Brazilian hammocks are generally hand –woven and are a stylish option for both indoor and outdoor use. The Brazilian bed can give you great comfort in an indoor environment. They are best for outdoors too. This beautiful hammock is going to add to the visual appeal in any space. 

 These hammocks are known for coming in different colors. The valance on these types of beds is also remarkable as it has a unique look that is pathetic. If you want a foundation that unites comfort and style equally, then Brazilian hammock will be the best choice for you. These hammocks are calmly becoming a more popular option and are sure to be even more dominant in the years to come.

The young children really like this hammock as well. Much loved the quilted beds because they are safer for kids. They don’t have significant gaps in their fabricate that can sake kids to get stuck. 

The lack of airflow can be an issue if you want to set it outside during a hotter climate. This hammock is ideal for cold nights or colder weather. These hammocks have no spread bars. Due to this, you will be enjoying them in cocoon-like fashion. 

Hammock with stand

You can buy hammocks that come with stands. There are a variety of hammocks stand in the market, and you can purchase those stands based on the beds that require position. The position can be made of wood or stainless steel covered with powder to make it rust-resistant.

Tree Hammocks 

These types of hammocks are significantly meant to be hung in trees. If you have a back yard with large trees, then these hammocks are perfect for you. This Hammock is intended for external use only. You will place it between two trees that are placed in the right distance. 

Swing Chairs Hammocks

These hammocks are perfect as indoor furniture. Due to this, some people really started to enjoy this type of hammocks. They are like chairs where you can sit. These types of beds are ideal for both adults and children, and you can swing and sway while you sit in it, which can provide you a relaxing feeling.

Portable Folding Hammock 

If you are into a camping enthusiast, then these portable folding hammocks are the right choice. As this Hammock easily folds up so that you can store it for transportation, also it’s incredibly lightweight.

Hammock with Canopy

If you love rain and you want to enjoy laying on your Hammock when it’s raining, then canopy hammocks are worth to buy. Usually, these hammocks are generally huge, so they can be ideal for multiple people to cuddle up in and enjoy the atmosphere. 

Teardrop Hammock

This is a totally different style of Hammock. This Hammock has only one single rope, and it will hang down from a stable tree branch. Yes, it is an outdoor hammock, so if you have a back yard with a healthy tree, this one is suitable to use.

Poolside Hammock 

At the eleventh-hour planning to go somewhere, you are going to have a pool but don’t know which Hammock will be best for you? Then we can suggest the best-rated bed! The fantastic hammocks come with a brilliant different eye-catchy color, which is dye treated for UV resistance. You can attach the Hammock with a free stand frame or stand spreader bar. It doesn’t matter if it’s indoors or outdoors because it complements both ways of setting for a comfortable resting spot. We will start with high rated poolside hammocks, which come with vibrant colors, and then we will also review other beds that are available in the market.

There is nothing more relaxing after taking a swim in a pool and then drying off as you sway back and forth in your favorite poolside Hammock while feeling the cool breeze, hearing the rustle of the trees. So, as stylish your swimming trunks can be, you can dry off in a more elegant way to by hanging on your poolside Hammock.  

Sorbus Hammock with Spreader Bar

It’s not only for the poolside, but you can also use it to Garden, patio, yard, etc. You can rest under the sunset, relax by the poolside, or lounge on the deck. You can get all cozy and comfy in the Sorbus hammock. If you enjoy the sound of nature, such as raindrops, birds chirping, crickets, or likes to gaze upon the stars, this Hammock will be the perfect choice for you.

As it’s made with UV resistance, so it can be washed in the washing machine. It’s swift to dry and certainly not afraid of water.

The Hammock is so durable that it makes it stable, safe, and secure. It can provide balance if you attach it with a stand. The stands are usually made of stainless steel with powder-coated, which makes it rust-free. The vibrant color makes it suitable for any setting. As the Hammock is weather-resistant material, it enables the style and durability of the Hammock through seasons. This Hammock is easily portable; hence, it’s trouble-free to set it up in minutes anywhere you feel like.

The spreader bar is solid wood which joints lock together with snap button mechanisms. No extra tools required. It comes with a manual. Fits ranging from 9.8 ft to 12 ft, hammock bed, measures approximately 147”x47”x47”. Hammock bed measures about 45-inch wide x 53 inches deep. The fabric that’s used for poolside is made to be resistant to mildew and mold so that it can stay dry as the weather of the poolside tends to be damper than usual.

Usually, this type of poolside hammocks comes with stainless steel made spreader bars coated with powder. So you can enjoy getting on and off of this Hammock. By using the ease so long as the spreader bars are on. Most of these spreader bars are made to look very fashionable, as well. As portable camping hammocks are meant to be a fun time item, so the beds usually seem as enjoyable as possible. 

Patio Watcher 14 ft Quick-Dry Rope Hammock 

Patio Watcher 14 ft Quick-Dry Rope Hammock weight capacity about 450 lbs. Materials are consist of 70% PVC, 30% Polyester yarn Wood Spreader Bar. Easy to clean. The chains may appear shorter than average.

In terms of Value, this one is also the best one hammock that you can use by the poolside. The material is coated with vinyl, which makes weatherproof, oil proof, breathable, and easy to clean also makes it ideal to use in most places. These hammock spreader bars are made of solid wood that can hold two persons comfortably and gives a comprehensive view while feeling the breeze of the wind and enjoying the sunlight. It’s found to last several years, even when frequently used.

Sue Sport NEW Hammock Quilted Fabric with Pillow 

This double poolside Hammock with Spreader bars. The overall dimension is 135” Lx55” W. Bed Dimension’s 80” L x 55” W. Weight capacity is 450 lbs. Material is quilted polyester fabric, wooden spreader bar. This Hammock is a soft and cozy Hammock bed for any poolside, but the color might fade from frequent exposure to direct sunlight. The budget is durable for kids to last for several seasons. The Hammock is quick to dry, and the spreader bar is sturdy enough to withstand moisture and possible decay. This Hammock also comes in vibrant colors patterned into stripes. The fabric is UV resistant, which means that it won’t tear or fray after being exposed to sunlight. The Hammock can be adjustable with outdoor plated heavy-duty O-ring that attaches to chains on both sides of the rope.

Vivere Brazilian Sunbrella Hammock

Vivere Brazilian Sunbrella Hammock is a double poolside Hammock withstand. Overall dimensions are 144” Lx54’W. Weights about 3.8 lbs. Weight capacity is 450 lbs. Materials Sunbrella Fabric aka dyed acrylic which makes it water 

 Repellant. You can set this Hammock to stay outdoors for a long time, yet remain to be sturdy and colored. As its fabric is known to outlast for several years without having its colors faded. The Advantage of Sunbrella fabric includes UV rays reflection, mildew, stain and fade-resistant, water repellant yet not wholly waterproof. It also an ideal hammock to be used in the poolside as it only absorbs little moisture from water sprinklers. This Hammock is the secure poolside Hammock for kids as it fully absorbs any weight causing it to be safe from tipping over. Due to that, you can easily clean it in the washing machine using cold water. No high, regular maintenance since dirt and dust don’t stay in the fabric for too long. Long, tree whips are added for extra support.

PRIME GARDEN Quilted Fabric Hammock with Pillow

This Prime garden hammock’s overall dimensions are 141” L x 56” W. Bed Dimensions 78’L x 56” W. Weight is 15.6lbs, and the weight capacity is 450 lbs. Material quilted polyester fabric, wooden spreader bar. This Hammock is budget-friendly to use at any poolside. 

What Types of Hammock are perfect for the Pool?

The Fabric: Usually, the polyester and cotton fabrics are commonly used in hammocks, which are finely colored treated to make it UV resistant, and water repellant is ideal for a poolside bed.

The tie rope or links: Most of the hammocks which are mentioned here either have O- rings or rope cords that support the hammock bed. The higher number of lines means that the Hammock is durable.

Spreader Bars: All of the hammocks mentioned here have spreader bars facility because poolside beds are commonly used for leisure. 


Though these hammocks are specially made to be used in the poolside, there are still some precautions and cleaning techniques that we must follow to make it longer lasting. Such as do not leave your Hammock outside during winter, hails, or storms. No matter what, every bed needs to take care of it to make it long-lasting.  

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