Are you ready to go camping with hammocks and looking for a buying guide?

Here I come with ten best hammocks for camping. Each of them is unique. Some of them suitable for one person, some of them are for two people. Some of them are for beginners, some of them are favorite of backpackers, however.

Our Top Choice

#1st Rated
ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Easy Packing
  • Budget Friendly

For hammock lovers, hammocks are very relaxing. You will get to see them at the top of the mountain without fearing the height, just chilling with their hammocks. A two-person hammock has some extra appeal. Couples love that, so do kids with their parents. It plays a significant role in bonding.

So let's have a look for the best hammocks for camping.


Product Name


Weight Capacity


ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters

ENO-Eagles Nest Outfitters


400 Pound

Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Everest Double Camping Hammock


350 Pound

Lost Valley Camping Hammock

Lost Valley Camping Hammock


350 Pound

Grand Trunk Double Hammock

Grand Trunk Double Hammock

Parachute Nylon

400 Pound


Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock


400 Pound

Gold Armour Camping Hammock

Gold Armour Camping Hammock


500 Pound

mallome doublecamping hammock

MalloMe Hammock Camping


400 Pound

legit hammock for camping

Legit Camping - Double Hammock

Parachute Nylon

400 Pound

Hennessy Hammock - Explorer Deluxe

Hennessy Hammock - Explorer Deluxe


300 Pound

Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Plus Hammock

Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight


300 Pound

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters

Hammocks come with different shapes sizes and prices from many different brands. From all the brands ENO- Eagles Nest Outfitters- is already distinguish. You are a person who values the brand. First, this will be your pick.

This DubbleNest Hammock is great for two people. Even if you are a newbie or expert hammocker, you will not find it difficult to Hammock with this Hammock. It is excellent for camping or chilling for a day. It is the best for three seasons.

ENO DoubleNest hammock is highly portable, comfortable, and in a jiffy, you can complete the setup without any complication.

This Hammock gives support to 400 lbs of weight, so you can easily guess this is highly durable. Durability does not make it heavy; instead, it is very lightweight.

If you are going on a vacation aiming to pass most of the time outdoor or you want to take rest anywhere after hiking or biking, this DubbleNest Hammock can be the perfect pick for you. Soon after buying, you will realize this is the best decision you have made.

The ENO DubleNest hammock has got many positive customer reviews because it has become one of the most comfortable hammocks in the world. 70D breathable nylon taffeta is used for making it, and it makes it highly breathable, prevents sweating.

This Hammock comes in various colors, and it is highly versatile. You can easily attach it to polls, trees, or boat masts.

If you are a beginner in hammocking, you can go for its closing eyes. If you love the outdoors, camping, and always want to be in the beauty of mother earth, this Hammock is for you.


  • Setting up this Hammock is very easy
  • This Hammock is a tree-friendly hammock; the straps don't leave a single mark on the trees
  • This Hammock is very durable, can hold up to 400lbs
  • It dries quicker in comparison to other hammocks


  • You can't use it in freezing weather
Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Now I will let you know about a hammock that will give you a goodnight's sleep anywhere with your partner or alone. You will never have to be tensed about bugs, insects, or mosquitoes. Isn't it great! Yes, I am talking about Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net!

Even if you are an amateur or expert for hiking, climbing, or backpacking, you can go for it.

The Everest active Gear Hammock gives you a flawless awesome hammock pack. At the same time, it is breathable and durable, which makes it ultra-secure. It is made of tear-resistant ultra-strong parachute nylon.

Without any doubt, it can hold up to 350lbs, as it has reinforced stitching. It includes a YKK zipper that makes it sturdy and durable.

The hammock includes a tree protector, and I like this feature most. For our interest, we should not harm trees.

You will never feel claustrophobic inside this hammock, and it is very spacious. You will feel no difficulty in setting up or down, and it's super easy. Say bye-bye to struggle.

You don't need to wonder about fixing the net. You will get a setup instruction for setting the net. That is very easy to follow and fix. The net is no less durable than the hammock. They used high grade 31gm polyester fabric for making it.

The hammock has a storage pocket, two internal gear hand loops, and suspension nylon rope for the net. You probably will not regret spending money on this top outdoor hammock.

Hammock with mosquito net will give you a worry-free hammocking.
This Everest Double Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net is durable, portable, and highly versatile. For comfortable bug-free camping, it can be a great pick.


  • At the same time, it is durable and breathable
  • Very spacious, can hold two people easily
  • Possibility of the damaging tree is minimum as it comes with a tree protector
  • The gear hand loops are internal
  • High portability, you can pack it down to very small
  • It's includes everything you need to set up a hammock, so the task becomes very easy


  • There is no extra insulation support at the bottom of the hammock
Lost Valley Camping Hammock

The Lost Valley camping hammock can be one of the best choices if you are going on a trip. It can cope with harsh weather, as well as very durable. This hammock is one of the great products by the well-reputed Oak Creek outdoor supply company.

You can pack down this hammock by 14"/8", great for mobility. Effortlessly you can set it up within three minutes and the same easy way you can pack it back. The total weight is a bit heavy, but it is less than 4 pounds. Again if you consider this, this is not only a hammock. It includes a mosquito net and rain fly.

The daredevil campers or backpackers are always ready to face the harsh weather condition, and this one can be an excellent pick for them.

Look, the weight limit is 350 pounds of this hammock for you can guess it can give you excellent durability. 210T nylon is the core material for making this hammock that makes it tear-resistant and ultra-strong.

The mosquito net of the hammock is sewn on one side, and on another hand, it is zippered. Set up of the net is not a hard task. The mosquito net does provide excellent ventilation.

The quality of the rain fly - 9.5/9.5 feet squire- is also excellent. The rain fly is big enough to provide room beneath it for your backpack or other goods you carry too. Simply the manufacturer kept it in mind before making the rainfly, isn't it great.

The strapping is 10 feet long, so you will never have to worry about covering on the front. The stainless steel carabiners are also excellent quality. They will not catch rust over time, or humidity.

This hammock will give you confidence for camping anywhere to any weather. You will not regret choosing it.


  • The whole package includes aluminum carabiners and tree strappings. In most cases, we see that these things are sold separately.
  • As a single hammock, it has got very impressive, 350 pounds, limit.
  • Rainfly and mosquito net is removable
  • Easy setup


  • It seems expensive, but considering the added value, it does not look expensive.
Grand Trunk Double Hammock

You will fall in love with This Grand Trunk hammock after using it only one time! It is the most giant hammock available on the market as well as it is portable. Ideal for you or for you two!

Grand Trunk company already makes an excellent reputation for its travel hammock. If you are planning for a camping trip and looking for a hammock, this can be a superb pick for you.

The main feature of this hammock is that mildew-resistant parachute nylon. The included carabiners are marine grade.

The 10X6 feet (approx) big hammock can be an excellent pick for you if you are looking for a big lightweight travel hammock for two people. You will never feel disappointed after buying this hammock. 


  • This hammock is made of nylon that makes it highly durable
  • It has got nautical-grade carabiners that will help you with you to go for hiking
  • This hammock can hold 400lbs
  • Rope and hanging instruction are included
  • Environment safe


  • You may not like it if you don't like big hammocks

If you are an outdoor lover, you must want a hammock of your own. This wise owl hammock can be an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a comfortable hammock at a comparatively low price.

This hammock is made of 210T nylon that makes it very robust. The additional ropes and carabiners in this package make it even more attractive to buyers.

The setup of this hammock will not take more than a little time. As it can hold up to 400lbs, you can even pass a whole night without much worrying.

You can throw it in your backpack without much worrying about space. It takes very little space, as well as it is very lightweight too.

While enjoying the outdoor, an afternoon nap can add a great value in your mood, and this hammock can be the right thing to accompany you for the naping.


  • This hammock is made of super durable nylon that can hold up to 400lbs
  • The build is solid that ensures durability
  • You don't need to buy additional accessories like ropes and carabiners
  • Very comfortable and lightweight for carrying in your backpack


  • For some situations, the ropes may seem short
Gold Armour Camping Hammock

Each hammock has its own goodness and flaws. Some of them will attract you; some of them won't. I will try to let you know now about this Gold Armour Camping Hammock.

By the name you already got, the main focus for this hammock is camping. The durability and strength will amaze you for sure. The recommended weight capacity of this hammock is 500lbs. Two adults will find enough room for them and can spend a worry-free sleep.

The straps are unbelievably strong. To tear it, you need to give 1000 pound strength. So you can guess the tree may break down, but the strap will be okay. They are tree-friendly as well. Every strap perfectly attaches to each side without any effort.

This hammock ensures comfort. Gold Armour Camping Hammock will surely give you an everlasting camping experience. You will come back from camp with a recharged body and mind. 


  • The Gold Armor Camping hammock is exceptionally lightweight
  • The carrying bag dramatically increases the portability
  • It comes with a 15-year warranty
  • The whole package is mildew resistance
  • 1000 pound breaking strength the straps have
  • Set up needs a very little bit time


  • Not suitable to hang in narrow places
mallome doublecamping hammock

I don't need to spend many words here to make you understand that is hammock can be an excellent pick for campers. By merely browsing, you can see check the popularity and superb reviews of this hammock.

Just after opening the box, you can you can set up the hammock without much effort. In the whole package, you will get the hammock, snag-free carabiners and ropes/.

The hammock is XL size, and it will accommodate two adults comfortably. You never have to worry about the strap, cause it needs 1000lbs breaking strength to cause any damage.

The hammock is made of the 210T premium quality nylon. If you consider the price, it is one of the best lightweight hammocks available in the market.


  • The fabric of this hammock is very breathable so you will not sweat
  • Very well spaces and available in so many exciting colors
  • Super affordable


  • When you got into the hammock, it will completely enclose you, and some may not like it.
legit hammock for camping

The easiest and comfortable option for sleeping in camping is "hammock."
The legit camping double can be the right choice for you if you are looking for an affordable hammock for two.

Like other good quality hammocks, this legit camping hammock is too made with 210T parachute nylon fabric. The most attractive option for buying this hammock is you can choose your favorite one from 13 different beautiful colors.

This hammock is very easy to install. The whole package of this hammock includes tree-friendly straps, nylon rope, and steel carabiners. So you can open the package and do the set up in a few moments.

If you are searching for a lightweight camping hammock for two-person, you can consider this hammock as well.


  • This is a kind of large hammock, and it will comfortably accommodate two people
  • You got 13 different color options to choose your desired one
  • Durable
  • Designed for easy setup.


  • 400lbs weight limit is marginal for a double hammock
Hennessy Hammock - Explorer Deluxe

This Hennessy hammock is for anyone who is 213cm tall and can hold up to 300 lbs of weight. It has got the classic bottom entry.

This hammock is unique in its style. This one is Asymmetrical shape and has got a structural ride line that ensures extra comfort. By this hammock, you will have a perfect setup every time.

The materials of these hammocks are very high quality. It has made with 140d high-density nylon taffeta, which makes it durable and comfortable.

If you are a tall person for about 6 feet or more, this can be an excellent pick for you.
Like all other Hennessy hammock, this one too comes with mosquito netting, rainfly, stuff sack, and support ropes.

Hennessy Hammock always provides 107cm "Tree Hugger" webbing straps for protecting the barks of trees.


  • The suspension system is powerful
  • The materials are very durable
  • Does not harm trees when hung


  • Someone may not like a longer hammock
Hummingbird Hammocks Ultralight Single Plus Hammock

This hummingbird hammock is an ultra-light, beautiful hammock. If you are a backpacker, loves outdoor, but if you don't want to carry a heavier hammock, this is your deal.

It's indeed the price is slightly higher than other hammocks in the market, but it's okay as it is lightweight than other hammocks in the market.

Like any other high-quality hammock, this one too can hold up to 300lbs.

Hummingbird hammocks are made with parachute fabric, military spec bonded nylon, and spectra cord, really high tech material.

You can pack down this hammock into 4in x 4in x 2in, which is surprisingly small. The Hummingbird hammocks come in four different vibrating colors.

I will not say it is highly durable. As it is ultra-light, the durability will be a little less. But with proper care, you can use it for a more extended period.


  • Very Lightweight - 5.2oz
  • Very Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Quick set up


  • You can't keep the strap in same hammock bag

Tips for hammocking

  • Always make sure, never overload your hammock
  • Never select a tree less than 6" diameter to tie your hammock
  • Always use tree saver straps, they minimize the damage of the tree
  • Hang your hammock for at least 200 meters away from the water source; this rule is not for the beach area
  • Always take care of the flora and land where you hammock camp
  • For sleeping in the hammock lie on diagonal position and keep your foot slightly higher
  • Never tie your hammock in a dead tree

Frequently Ask Questions


How High should I hang my hammock?

Often we get confused to ensure the height of hammock because most of the time, we don't get it in the user manuals that come along with the hammock.

The main idea of using a hammock is not to be on the ground. It's better to hang your hammock 6feet (approx) on high from the ground. If you are in a jungle, afraid of wild animals, you can hang the hammock going up the tress. Just try to find two strong branches close enough to do your task.

Keep in mind, always make sure to secure the hammock in such a place that can hold your weight. 


Can I hang my hammock indoors?

There is no harm hanging hammock indoors if you follow the right procedure for hanging.


While camping, can I sleep in hammocks?

Camping with hammocks is great because it is not as heavy as a tent. On the hammock when you feel the fresh air, the smell of earth, or the salty air, you definitely will feel great. Indeed you will have a great sleep.


Are hammocks better than tents?

If you want me to deliver you a direct answer, the answer is yes. A hammock offers much more than sleep. If you have kids or pets like dogs, they will have more fun in hammock. Kids will have a great nap in a hammock.


What can I do when my hammock becomes dirty?

Day after day, your hammock can become dirty, and you can feel uncomfortable to use it. If you find that your hammock has become dirty quickly, you can hand wash them, or you can use a washing machine too. Just remember, don't wash it with a regular cycle, use the delicate cycle. Use only mild detergent


Do I need a pillow for my sleeping in hammocks?

It's better to arrange a few more things for sleeping in hammocks along with the pillow. I recommend you should take a pillow, blanket, or sleeping bag, a base layer, long underwear,socks. Have a right-sized coverage to cover you properly too.


How to hang a Hammock without damaging the tree?

We often knowingly or unknowingly damages trees for hanging hammocks. You know the tree can even die due to that. Always remember trees are living things; it is never wise to hurt them in any way.

Avoiding all the nuts and bolts, just use tree straps. These days most of the hammock comes with it. And if you do not have them, you can simply buy it. Or, in other ways, you can use ropes to hang your hammock. 


To sum up, I want to say that I hope you have already selected one for your next camping if you want any more guidance, feel free to contact me.