Hammock Camping! The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Hammock

Hammock Camping! Yes, we’re talking about camping with hammock.!!

Are you planning for going outdoor? Are you getting bored with your busy life? Are you planning for something different like gently falling asleep as you lie beneath a blanket of twinkling stars?

Do you ever more dread the thought of going on a hammock campaign due to simply you are confused about how to spend a dreamy night or night’s sleep out in the wild?   

If you are looking for such to elevate your camping game then literally there is no better way to do so than a hammock camping! You read the right- hammock camping is the right choice for your next ultimate campaign.

This stretched, curved and swinging piece of nylon materials is no longer meant for power snooze alone. Bringing a hammock on your next outing might be imprecisely the fun with a new experience, what you are looking for.

Hammocks give you the best feel to kick your feet up. It will treat as a game and mind changer when it comes to quickly set up a camp and a sweet sound sleep.

Hammock camping is worthy, convenient and handy. You can pitch your hammock almost everywhere and pack up in a flash. While you are at it, you will say goodbye to sleeping on the ground. Because it will offer you sound and adventure sleep. After fell the magic and joy of hammock you won’t go back to tenting!

If you are looking for something new and switch things up then ditch the tent and get a Hammock! If you are getting started with hammock camping, you are sure to find something useful in this helpful guide.

History of Hammock

Yes, Hammocks’ also have history. Hammock has a boast rich tradition to span through the centuries and is staple in the Caribbean, Yucatan, and South America cultures. Eventually, hammocks are the result of design reflexes that are currently based on the construction of the tightly wound threads which offer you an improved level of comfort.

Hammocks are favorable due to the following reasons:

  • Tiny and lightweight
  • Easy to setup in everywhere
  • So comfortable
  • Easy setup and takedown
  • Long-lasting and affordable  

Hammock Fabric:

Most of the time, the hammock’s size depends on the user’s choice and mood, the other elements of its play their own roles. The fabric of the hammock also has a level of comfort, due to that the manufacturer put their full concentration on the best quality fabric which gives the user comfort and also durability and also can give a pleasant accommodation at the same time. The fabric quality is very important because it has to adjust itself around the body curves of the user.

Some fabric details of hammocks are given below:


It is one of the best and popular choices of making a hammock. Definitely it has great qualities that make an ideal hammock with it. It gives you a very soft feel, absorbs moisture and due to this it is the right choice for extra hot days, it also gives you tear-resistant facilities. Quality cotton-like long fabrics which are used to make a perfect, stronger and durable hammock which is enriched with bright color and lightweight. Colombian and Mexican hammocks are made from high-quality cotton materials.

Organic Cotton

This type of material is especially for those who have sensitive skin. It is best for babies and young children also. This cotton is special and different. It has been grown and properly harvested without any use of harmful chemicals, which makes this hammock an ecofriendly and safe for the sensitive user.  Organic Cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Organic cotton’s strip comes with bright brilliant color. You can also get it in a natural non-dyed nor bleached white format.

Acrylic or Polypropylene

It is a weather-resistant outdoor hammock material that is used to hang it outside for all time. It is basically a polypropylene fabric. Which is specially used and designed for a hammock. A user can use it easily because it has soft, comfortable, hard-wearing, built-in UV, fade-resistant which is also can be used in inside of your home.

Parachute Silk

If you want an extremely lightweight hammock to go anywhere then parachute silk materials are the best choice. It is made from nylon trilobal which is made of very thin nylon thread. Which makes a very lightweight, strong comfortable and compact hammock. It also gives you tear resistance and a breathable facility. This type of hammocks is comfortable for warmer days and nights.


Nylon cord hammocks have brilliant colors, strength, and quick-drying benefits. This materials hammock is brilliant with bright glossy color with lucrative looks.  This material corded from Mexican cotton. It has limited water absorbency and weather resistance. Nylon can hold more weight than cotton due to the nylon cord. It is also UV rays protected and not recommended for full-time use in outside or inside.

Hammocks Size and Body positioning

If you no tension about space and budget then choose as big a hammock as possible. The wider hammocks are more comfortable. Because if you buy a traditional hammock then you have to lie diagonally but if you buy a big hammock then you can lie parallel to the short-ends, which will give you a lot more comfort than the tiny and small hammock. There is a truth about the spreader bars of hammocks that it allows more stability then the previous hammocks. It also advised that hammocks with spreader bars have to be as wide as possible.  

hammock camping beginners

Hammocks Size

Hammocks right size is an important matter of individual preference. Hammock has multiple size and people can easily choose their comfortable fit from them.

Family Hammock

This hammock is ideal for friends and family because this hammocks width is more than 180 cm, Dimensions: 5 ft x 11 inch.

Single hammock

It is the best option for a single person for dawdle or sleeping. If we compare it with a double hammock, it will compactly hold up to 400 lbs at just 10.2 oz. Dimensions: 4 ft 2 in x 8ft 4 in.

Single Ultralight Hammock

Specially designed for ultralight backpackers. The single ultralight hammock significantly persistent weight for one person’s hang. At 5.6 oz, it can hold up to 300 lbs. Dimensions: 4 ft 2 in x 8 ft 4 in.

Double Hammock

This hammock will offer you a double facility like you can use it for a solo sleeper or you can use it for two persons with its wide lounge. It holds up to 500 lbs, weight 18 oz. Dimensions: 5 ft 7 in x 10 or 12 ft.

Double XL Hammock

For maximum comfort, this hammock is the best choice which is extra tall campers over 6 ft 4 in. It can hang up securely up to 500 lbs, weight 22 oz. Dimensions: 6 ft 6 in x 11 ft 6 in.

Best Camping Hammocks of 2019 are listed below:

  • Hennessy Hammock Ultralite Asym
  • Sea to Summit Pro
  • Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym
  • Kammok Roo Double
  • REI Co-op Flash Air
  • ENO JungleNest
  • ENO OneLink
  • KAMMOK Roo Single
  • ENO DoubleNest
  • Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

Important Factor to know before Purchase a hammock:

Fact. 1: Consolation: How much time you plan to spend on your hammock, the more consolation should matter. If you are just getting out with a hammock for a few or a little bit of time in a year, then any model is comfortable enough.

But if you want to use it every day or even want to sleep on it at night then comfort is imperative.

Fact 2: Price: This one is commendable self-explanatory. If you want to buy a hammock but want to use it as little as possible then the price issue is most important. Be sure about that, because your needs will help you to choose the right hammock.

Fact 3: Lightweight and Compact: If you are planning to travel with your hammock then portability is important, if you are planning to go for trekking with hammock for sleeping purpose then portability is vital. If you go out often with your hammock then you need a very lightweight and compact hammock.

Besides this, if you want to carry your hammock in your luggage or backpack then this factor matters ordinary.

Fact 4: Conformation: Some hammocks are so much attractive due to their artwork, so, there is plenty of reason why you might want to buy that type of hammock or you want to match your hammock with your specific decor. Perhaps you want to share your image on social media with your hammock then the hammock that looks good or you look good with it, so, conformation is most important. 

Effective Tricks for Hammock Camping:

 Set up a procedure of Hammock:

Step 1: Choose the right trees with perfect measurement: the best and ideal hammock camping trees are 12 – 15 feet apart which have to be robust and alive also. Now find two strong, perfect and exact weight-bearing points that can fully lift or support your weight as like as a car rack/tent shelter.

Step 2: Fetters both ropes: First you have to through the rope around the trunk/branches of your selected tree, then you to insert the non-loop end into the opposite loop end and tighten until it is comfortable for you.

Before tightening the loop entirely, make sure that the rope is wrapped around the tree at shoulder height properly. This will ensure that your hammock will not sag to the ground.

Note: Be careful about your rope because if it is too high then you will be able to get into your hammock or you will not enjoy your campaign. So be alert and sure about the rope to tie around in shoulder height than for the second rope on another tree you have to denominate or designated your hammock.

Step 3: Set the hook of the hammock in Using the other end of the hammock, attach one hook into one of the grooves found in a rope corded to the tree.

Now repeat the same step with the hook at the other end of your hammock with the another or second rope.

Tip-Off: Ensure that the trees are so strong to afford your load and the hammock is perfectly set the ropes as tight as possible between the two ropes before riding and proceeding on it.    

Comment: Before entering your hammock free your both hands in order to pick any books or blankets with you in the hammock must be placed beside the hammock and picked up easily once you are completely within in it.    

Step 4: Ride into the Hammock: At first enter your one knee maintaining balance on other feet, using both hands to freeze each side of the hammock, then stoop yourself into the hammock, so that you are feel-safe inside the hammock.

In fine, turn yourself over so you are sitting or lying in the hammock.

Step 5: Going out from hammock: Firstly, you have to swing one leg out of the hammock and safely place it on the ground. Maintaining balance with your hands raise yourself out of your hammock.   

Step 6: Decay: Take up the hooks from the jag located from another side of the hammock. Now undo the ropes by dragging on the ropes around the tree trunks, then loosening them and taking off them from the tree. If you get a bag with your hammock, keep both the ropes and the hammock inside it and tie up this or you can keep it in a safe place as your choice. 

Sleeping Method In a Hammock:

Lay Crosswise: If you want to have a lovely, sound and pleasant rest and sleep in your hammock then you have to hang your hammock wisely and lay crosswise or diagonally. This position will be best for your neck and back for the night.

Always Sit in the Middle of the Hammock: Sit in the middle of the hammock then lift your leg and upper body into the hammock.

Conduct a Mattress: The materials of the hammock are not so thick. This is also lightweight and portable. So. during cold weather before lying down to sleep you have to block your bed. Due to the cushion and sleeping bag, you will feel warm and joyful on cold nights.

Leave Your Shoes and Put on Some Socks: To enhance the period of your hammock life leave your shoes on the ground or floor before you settled down. Usually, large hiking shoes and rubber shoes are tightened and wear off the hammock fabric much faster than uncovered feet. You can keep extra pair socks to keep your feet warm and comfy. Keep your shoes just under the net for easy access.  

Cover Yourself Around with a Rug to Stay Thermal: In the cold weather, you have to keep yourself warm and thermal, due to that you have to wrap yourself around with a rug or blanket.

Here is an ultimate guide all about hammocking mistakes.

Tips for hammock campaign in cold weather:

  • Carry a sleeping pad: A sleeping pad is designed to preserve body heat during the freeze and chilly night.
  •  Select a perfect and suitable place: In winter season the cold wind will beat against you. To keep yourself safe from this, suspend your hammock behind a natural windbreak.
  • Be Mummify: All blankets and cold stuff become useless in temperature less than 40 degrees. So, if you want to keep yourself warm become mummified in a sleeping bag. When you purchase a sleeping bag having a rating of 15 o F or less. Shut the hood around your head to protect yourself against the elements.  
  •  Carry a pillow along: Carry a hammock pillow to build as an extra layer between your head and the cold hammock nylon. It will help you to feel comfortable and increase your body temperature by isolating the gypsy.
  • Tips to Avoid cold Knees and Feet: If you are not used to sleeping in a hammock then you will feel too much problem in the cold weather, because you may feel a lack of sensation, back pain or discomfort in the legs, or numbness during walking. All of this happens due to inappropriate blood circulation. If you make the hammock as comfortable, warm as possible, it will generally prevent the problems of blood circulations.

If you cannot be able to do that in your circumstance, you may not have some freedom with the tree you are using to overcome a corner problem.  This can also help to reduce traffic problems in blood with a challenge to the throat or leg.  

you can also use an extra pillow under the affected limbs which is a very effective remedy.

  • Mosquito Net: This is another essential and important piece of equipment. You can not go for a campaign without this. This mosquito net will protect and give you shelter from mosquito, bugs, and insects. The best mosquito net is designed to confer 360o protection and cover your hammock 100%.      

Hammock Vs Tent

In camping tradition tent are deeply rooted, many people want to enjoy their first overnight outdoor experience in a sweet, secured and comfortable tent, and I think this nostalgic is too much hard to shake off.

Peoples like protection from bad weather, wild animals, insects, bugs, which they can easily get from the tent

Now come to the hammock’s point, in modern camping a user can get all of this facility in hammocks.

Hammock offers you the same and best features. In a hammock you can find a rain fly, gear loft, mosquito net.

But in the question of when a user isn’t sleeping or wants to spend time together or want a group discussion or the weather isn’t cooperating then the tent is the best option.

Unfortunately, then hammock becomes fall short here. It is great for nice weather and nice spot also, even offer a double camping chair also.

Hammocks are best for a single person.

Tent offers a user little room to do much other than sleep, read or relax. You can play cards, chase there.

Consideration When You Purchase of Your First Hammock

  • At first, you have to make sure that it is comfortable for you and you will feel safe sleep in it. The ideal hammock is lightweight and made from nylon (quick-drying material). It is strong enough to lift you and also large enough to cover you properly and comfortably in a cocoon-like wrap during sleeping time.
  • Camping hammocks are light and easy to pack. They do not have spreader bars that add extra weight to carry and tend to be bulky and also occupied too much space in your backpack.
  • Spreader bar hammocks are not suitable for sleeping because they serve to be taught and flip over easily.
  • Select a perfect rain fly that is at least 8 by 10 feet thus it can provide you adequate protection from the elements.
  • You have to choose the best all in one mosquito hammock net which combines the hammock with a fine net.
  • Don’t forget to suspensions and tree-hugger straps. Due to this your hammock will be more comfortable gentle and easier on the trees you will hang from. Many hammock kits also included with all of these. If not, then you have to purchase these accessories from your trusted hammock store.


Overall hammock is an amazing piece of gear to raise your outdoor experience. It’s design, strength, versatility, fabric materials and facility make the hammock a reliable instrument in the kingdom of outdoor gear. Being far cheaper, lightweight and cheaper than a camping tent, the hammock may just be what you need to make your trip and backpacking adventures. From being the perfect portable swing sit with a great comfortable sleeping arrangement the hammock is a perfect choice.

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